Fasting Tips

I would like tips on how to do a long fast, it could be audios that you think would help or anything, I did a 28 hour fast, it ended at dawn today, and I felt really good, I felt that the symptoms of the morphic fields they were even bigger, I felt them a lot more, I started to believe that fasting can be the best tool at the moment to increase my potential, I know I can do more than 28 hours, I plan to get at least 3 days.

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Start the fast with the intention you are doing it for God / to clear yourself / to finish it as a better version of yourself in the end. You won’t feel hunger at all. :slight_smile: Keep your intention when you are doing it.

Also if you don’t have any experience start with little time and next week increase it.
week 1: 1 day
week 2: 2 days




I only know of two audios that can support and make fasting easier. The one from Sapien “Photosynthesis” and another one from Programmed_Intention “Pranic Living” which is only available through Patron as far as I know.
In general, an interesting concept according to a Russian scientist Galina Schatalova, who has also carried out experiments accordingly, humans only need 400-600 calories a day to be able to live well. She is said to have marched through the Gobi Desert with a group of people over 60 in the 1980s with only about 400 calories a day as food. While at the same time a group of top athletes tried the same thing on normal rations. Of the athletes, I think over three quarters of the participants gave up. While all seniors managed to do it without losing a pound of weight.
A field on the topic of light food would be of interest if I see what kind of food we get in the supermarkets. Most of it gets into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry rather than promoting our health.


Hi Henrique,

I know this tip I will give you is pretty basic. But I notice that my longest fasts were successful when I got busy, because it takes your mind off of things


Have you considered using this?


Thanks for let us know …

I know this audio, but I had forgotten about it, that’s the secret of asking for tips.

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Long-term fasting – it’s a new experience for me. I’ve always had difficulties maintaining a healthy weight. The desire to eat has always been very strong, I just didn’t feel the taste of food, and I could eat any amount of food in 3 minutes, while envying people who could enjoy their food, savor it, and eat it very slowly.

In the last few months, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting with a 18/6 interval. Then I tried abstaining from food for 36 hours, but I always came up with excuses not to engage in more prolonged fasting.

After another request to the universe for perfect health and ideal weight, I returned to the idea of longer fasting. I read a lot about the process of autophagy and the self-healing of the body. And I decided to do a minimum 7-day fast for myself, but if everything goes well, I will extend it to 10 days.

Today is the seventh day. The condition is simply wonderful, although the first 5 days were very difficult for me emotionally and physically. The triggers, emotions, everything has risen. Problems with hunger - almost always a story that stretches from past lives, from the family system, and that’s what really got to me.

it got to the point that I read about The Holodomor, also known as the Great Ukrainian Famine how during it people ate people, how parents ate their children, allowing others to survive at the expense of their own family members. It’s terrible, but that’s what flashed through my mind, and that’s what I read and thought about.

Then the calm in the soul came. It was like calm sea after a strong storm in the sea. And the bliss. It seems that some strong patterns related to food have been destroyed, and the body has switched to feeding on fats and damaged cells.

If the patterns go away or become weaker and my attitude with food changes, then it will be worth it to start all this. But in addition to this, there are also effects of cellular healing, strong cleansing and weight loss.

Thank you! That explains a lot!

Congratulations, you’ve made it! I feel motivated to go with this path. I haven’t thought that it could be so strongly connected to famine in our cells’ memory.
You are so great at connecting the dots.

This is me every time. Now I can understand why. I have always been angry with myself because the person who can control their hunger can control the whole body.

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