Brahmacharya v2.2 Pendant

This field is specifically designed for those committed to pursuing a Brahmachari lifestyle and seeking to harness sexual energy for spiritual awakening, particularly in opening the third eye, while aiming for a prompt and lasting transformation.

The benefits of this field include:

It channels sexual energy from the Root Chakra and the Lower Dantian upward to the 7th Chakra via the Sushumna Nadi.
It fully activates all seven chakras.
It eradicates sexual thoughts and related thought-forms.
It severs emotional ties with actors from past masturbatory practices.
It diminishes the appeal of pornographic videos and masturbation.
It eliminates all forms of sexual desire and hidden sexual urges.
It clears all memories associated with viewing pornographic content and nude images.
It removes all sexual thoughts focused on women.
On encountering nude imagery or pornographic content, it increases your vibrational level, reducing the inclination to engage in porn viewing or masturbation. Note that forcefully engaging in these activities may result in physical discomfort or mental shock, as it contradicts the mind’s new conditioning.
It strengthens and makes the ‘Sattva’ quality predominant.
It redirects sexual energy for body healing, creativity, and confidence enhancement.

Additional Applications:

Directs sexual energy to activate the third eye.
Utilizes sexual energy for scalp hair growth.
Channels sexual energy for eye healing.
Transforms sexual energy to enhance the charisma of your aura.
Leverages sexual energy to attract money, luck, prosperity, abundance, and wealth.
Allocates 5% of sexual energy to circulate around your aura, enhancing your attractiveness and imparting a divine aura.
Extra Features: It comes with activation words for healing the pelvic area and includes an energy balancer.

Every version of Bhramcharya V2 comes with the “Inner Resistance Dissolver” and “Brain Reset,” with the latter ceasing automatically if no damage is detected.

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