Male Power and Stamina Pendant / Chrysopoeia Series | Etsy

This field has been designed to increase the stamina of your body and nervous system. It directs your energy flow through the microcosmic orbit thus giving you great endurance and power.

It has been programmed to give you the energetic blueprint and highest understanding of male power, confidence that you can take your rightful place and accept your passionate nature.

It integrates parts of your Shadow related to sexual impulses that have been repressed due to shame, guilt, or societal pressures, and allows you to freely and naturally express yourself without unhealthy inhibition. This in turn also boosts your confidence and your male power and pride.

There is an inbuilt option for further intelligent control of the field. If you want to add to the above effects also the effect of reduced sensitivity of the body so the experience is prolonged you need to give a command to the field by saying in your mind “Activate Sexual Stamina”. This command will decrease sensitivity while also increasing the ability of your nervous system to hold the excitement and give you a continuous pleasurable sensation. When you are ready to deactivate that function, simply say in your mind the command “Deactivate”.