Blame or Blaming others

So I have been dealing with blame a lot, and I am pealing away the layers of blame. I still blame my ex wife for so many things. I won’t get into the story, but there is a lot. I have peeled many layers, but I need some help.

So my first course of action was get a DM.

I went to gumroad and search for blame, zero results. Went to the website and nothing related to blame. I already own DM: Parents Love. The other 2 didn’t seem related. So I went to YouTube to search the channel for blame. A trauma video came up, I already own the DM, and it could help. A shame video came up, but no DM. Still not what I am looking for.

Still not feeling it.

What’s the best DM for blame?

Thank you my beloved family.

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I think this field:

Love & Forgiveness / Energetically Programmed Audio / Maitreya Reiki™ and maybe

The Art of Letting Go - Detachment Field / Energetically Prgrammed Audio / Maitreya Reiki™

Could help you.


So not blame exactly, being a victim is tied to this as well.
So I just bought, releasing guilt & Red Baryl Gemstone, as both help with being a victim.

as well as

Ok Red Baryl Gemstone has a TON of properties that will help me with a number of issues in my life. It’s like it was made for me.


Thank you for your suggestions. I already owned the art of letting go. I have a few other loved ones, but when I read the description this one really resonated with me. So I purchased this as well. I think with these and the other ones I purchased today I am on the mend for healing. I guess time will tell if this helps me deal with the blame or not.

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There is no one around but you.

People around you only show/reflect you your strengths and weaknesses.

If you blame others, it means that you, first of all, blame yourself for something.

Think of it.
Find reasons. Inside.
Acknowledge them.

As soon as you realize and acknowledge them, you will stop blaming yourself.

Therefore, you will stop seeing this in others.

And the problem will disappear.

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Thanks this gives me lots to think of in process because I don’t completely understand it. It’s the same analogy with the mirror and reflecting back to you that I struggle to comprehend that .

On a deeper level, everything in the world is unified and everything is connected.

It’s like a vast consciousness, comprised of energy, and you’re not just a part of that consciousness, you are that consciousness.

Each of us is that consciousness.

And each of us creates our own personal world by filtering information through our perception.

And as we perceive something, so we create it. All fears, doubts, opinions, self-knowledge, knowledge about the world, about people that exist within us, will be reflected outside.

But what’s inside us is not the truth, but rather, falsehood.

The truth is that everything in the world is unified, that everything is one consciousness, and that each of us, being that one consciousness, is a creator of everything in our lives. Love is all there is in the world. Everything else is distortion.

How we choose to perceive ourselves, perceive others, what thoughts we choose to think, what we choose to focus on, what we choose to perceive, what we choose to think, that will be reflected in the external world and attracted by resonance.

You encounter a very obese woman on your way.

You think: “Oh God, she’s so fat, what a fat cow. How can one be like that at all? Why can’t she control herself and eat less, why can’t she go to the gym… It’s so simple and easy. It’s horrible to look at.”

Since everything in the world is energy, she felt your energy of judgment. In response, she might have mentally started judging you or looked at you with an unkind glance. Also, she started judging herself even more, adding to the previous self-judgments another layer of energy, making the self-criticism even stronger.

You met because you resonated.

You began to judge her because you judge yourself in some way, but you don’t notice it.

You reacted to her because she judges herself.

If you didn’t judge yourself while looking at this woman, you might have noticed something else. For example, if you loved yourself, you would probably see love in her. Maybe you would notice the color of her eyes or a beautiful purse or her hairstyle or how she speaks. But since there’s no love inside you, you can’t notice real love outside. You notice judgment.

This woman created you because she judges herself, and how we perceive something, that’s what we create in the external world.

And that’s how you’ll encounter people whom you’ll judge for something until you remove judgments within yourself.

At the deepest level, this is a misunderstanding of who we really are. In reality, we are creators; we are love. Everything is created by us; everything is love because everything in this world is unified, and everything is love.

If there are conflicts inside, there will be conflicts externally. If there is suffering inside, there will be suffering externally. You’ll create these external characters to show what’s inside you and heal it.

But to heal, you need to initially accept that everything is one, that you are a creator, that you create your life, you create absolutely everything, and everything is a projection of your judgments, points of view, expectations, knowledge.

Healing this perception of yourself, making a choice to think differently about something external, you’ll immediately see changes in the external world; others will stop transmitting and reflecting the same, they’ll start transmitting and reflecting something else. External events will start arranging differently.

As I mentioned, your perception creates external events.

If you think something is difficult, it will be difficult for you; if you think it’s easy, it will be easy for you.

But that’s not the truth; it’s just your opinion, your inner settings. It will work like a program that you created for yourself; you chose to use this program and rely on it.

But every person can make a different choice:

Choose to think differently
Choose to perceive differently
Choose to create something differently.
And this choice will create something else in your life.

In the context of that obese woman, you could consciously choose to think something good about her, for example, how beautiful she is, how sexy she is, how brave she is, how courageous she is, that she’ll manage everything perfectly. Since everything is energy, this woman would feel that energy, and she would blossom towards you. She would smile at you; perhaps she would want to come and talk to you; she would enjoy talking to you because she doesn’t feel the address of judgment.

This is our conscious choice of what to think about, what to focus on, and this choice creates every time, every day, every second.

Often, we choose to suffer just because there are programs that suggest that only through suffering we can gain something, we can gain experience, we can become better, but it’s not true; it’s just our choices to believe, that became our programs.

You can choose to gain experience through something good, through expansion, through manifesting yourself in the world, through giving love that is inside, and then reality will be completely different, a reality without suffering.

We choose it ourselves.
We choose what to think.
We choose which scenarios to play.

We make these choices, and these choices create everything in our lives.

Since we are everything, we already contain everything, both good and bad. We can choose fear or fearlessness; we can choose insignificance or courage and strength and perceive ourselves as such.

fake it till you make it. And as we perceive something, so we create it. And very soon, all of this will begin to manifest in the external world.

In the context of your wife, conduct an experiment and think of her as a goddess, as a cool, bright, sexy, charismatic, slender, beloved woman. Choose to think about her this way, and you’ll see how your perception of your wife changes, and you’ll see how her perception of you changes. you will feel it, your interactions will be on another level.

Yet, we prefer to cling to some old stories, but this is also our choice.


My 2 cents.

Modern psychotherapy aims for two things, 1: Give the patient a spark of hope. 2: Make the patient to start taking responsibility for their choices.

If you blame the world around you for your problems you automatically fall into victim mentality, but the truth is that you chose your ex. It is you who is responsible for your life.

Was there not red flags? I’m sure there was.

And I know, I was the biggest victim, until I realized the world wasn’t out to get me, but the problem was in me that then reflected on to the outer world. I thought that people are so evil and want to hurt me, but it was actually my people pleaser syndrome that made me self abandon myself and not feel safe around people. I’m going through this. The problem was in me, not the external.


I would say whatever DM resonates with you, that is the right one to go with :slight_smile: Recommendations are always good but some DMs don’t agree with me and some do. Always follow your instincts on this journey.


You’re right I bought several today to help me deal with this and other issues. Thanks for reminding me. I know what’s best for me.

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You’re absolutely right. For the first 42 years of my life, I was a people pleaser as well. The last eight years I’ve been On this journey of personal/spiritual growth. I I have shed a lot of the past, But I still have much work to do. Thanks for the story and encouragement.

I am peeling many layers of the blame away and this is just one more layer.


Wow, just wow. It’s taking me all day just to process what you wrote And I’ll still need more time. I purchased a number of DM’s that I felt were best for me after reading your post and the ones below.

Thank you for expanding on this and giving the perfect analogy of the overweight woman.

I’ve already been digging into forgiveness and blame and looking at the root causes of that in my life.

I tried to do what you said about thinking positive about my ex. I’m just not there yet. I’ll keep working on it until I am there. As I want, what’s best for every living creature on this planet. So maybe we’re done as a couple as a family, but I can still love her in the way that I would love every person on this planet. I still need more work to get there though.

I’ve read this three times today and I suspect I’ll need to read it few more times over the next few days to process and understand everything.

I do appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me. I understand it at some level, but I need to understand it at a deeper level you’ve provided me that stairway to the deeper level.

Thank you so very much.



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Not a while ago, I experienced the sequence of breaking my heart by a few men in a row. First, I felt like a victim. Then I decided to flip my reaction from “Why is someone running away again? It was so great. There must be something wrong with me.” They all are my soulmates. Strong connection. Instead of blaming them, I decided to learn from that. They are not my exes/failures. They are my teachers. I learned so much about them (dismissive avoidants), and myself (fearful-avoidant) that I managed to heal all my wounds from childhood to become securely attached. It feels so good, and they’re still running away from being loved.

I have a tendency to turn everything to my advantage because there is no failure when you learn. And I only compete with myself. If something is triggering me, I get a normal reaction (upset, angry), and then I get excited. I’m pretty sure I turned self-development into a new fetish.

I would start by being neutral. It’s easier than forcing yourself to come up with something positive. I had a tendency to put guys on a pedestal, and I always found something to cling to and embrace. It helped me to move on, when I looked at them from a neutral perspective. Everyone is different. You’ll find your way.


I hear what you’re saying. The 24 years we’ve been together, has provided a lot of life lessons. More than I ever thought I could learn. So yes, it’s been the most painful experience of my life, but it’s also been the most rewarding. As she is taught me so much about life. I had no idea that abuse was so proliferate in marriage, and in society in general.

I now have a greater understanding of patterns, behaviors, programming from parents and generational. I married my mother and my grandmother, both abused my father. So I grew up seeing a strong, dominant woman, and a weak man as a father. I of course, thought this was normal behavior, and how a man should act and how a woman should treat a man. So all my relationships with women have been abusive. So this led me to a life of being a victim and Victim hood.

Now that I have awareness of all of this, I’ve been healing it for the last eight years and even so much more in the last year and a half since my marriage ended.

I’m ending the abuse in my family line, In my generation. In time, when I’m able to have a relationship with my children again, I will help them heal, or do what I can to help them heal from the patterns and behaviors That they witnessed their mother and I.

That way they have a much greater chance of having healthy, happy, successful relationships and an incredible life.

I am thankful for your audios and Mandela’s, As they are helping me heal gain self-awareness, so I can deal with the issues in my life.

As for the ex, I find it challenging to see her in a neutral light as the abusive behaviour continues every week every month. I’ve disconnected from her as much as possible, But with four children under 18 it’s not possible to cut her off completely. So I’m working to be less triggered and less emotional, and To not get baited by her comments, By the things she says.

I’m definitely reacting less and taking the time to process the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up before I respond, But as this month has shown me, I still have a lot of work to do a long way to go.


I purchased a ton of DM’s And I’m also listening to the audio counterparts as well. I’m so thankful for the optimizer to help prioritize what I need when I need it.
I still look at some. Print them off and choose to focus on some as I feel I need it.
Yeah, I bought a ton of fields in the last week to support me on my Journey. I’ve honestly been buying fields every few days.

I know these and the ones I’ve purchased in the last few weeks will support me for many years to come.


You are willing to work on yourself. Consider this done. 90% of the population is avoiding this. With your attitude, you have already succeeded.


You are so right. It’s been an incredible eight years of this journey and I’m just getting started. The second half of my life will be so much more incredible than the first half.

Thank you for your love, support, and guidance.

I’m so thankful and grateful that I found your frequencies/audios/mandalas.

They are life-changing