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Hello all. Well, I’m new to Your frequencies I’ve been listening to audio and video frequencies for a few years now. Now the DM’s is completely new, and I just discovered them six days ago.

I am loving them, and I just started the revision/reset today. So I figured I have some time to get some stuff sorted out and get ideas for what DM’s I should buy next.
I already owned the optimizer, emitter, Broadcaster, Fields booster, relationship healing, the art of letting go, attract wealth, Greek God, muscle recovery and growth, as well as the massage relaxation and a few more. I upgraded to the highest Patreon account and got all The DM’s from there.

I’m gonna do my best to be short, so I don’t get stuck in story for what’s going on in my life.

I’m hoping you guys can provide me some suggestions for DM’s to use/purchase since I’m only six days into this and still starting to understand and discover what they’re about.

Health issues.
I’m 140 pounds overweight.
I have a brain injury from a fall, and that causes cognitive or processing issues. So I’m unable to read, watch Videos or process teaching audios for more than 30 to 60 minutes a day.
I also have a weird muscle fatigue recovery issue, which also affects things like walking or working out.

Money issues.
Since I have the injuries listed above, I’m on disability and a fixed income. The goal is to get healthy physically and then I would be able to build websites again or go back to work or get a job. Ideally self-employment would be the better option.

My 20 year marriage ended due to most, if not all the above reasons And more.
It was very emotionally psychologically and verbally abusive to me.
I also don’t have a relationship with my children because of what my ex told them about me.

I would also say I have an issue with obsessive thinking. What could I have done differently? How can I fix this? What could I have done? What can I do to restore the relationships? It literally keeps me up every night.

I’m not looking to blame her or blame anyone. I’m just giving you a quick snapshot into my life so you guys could maybe guide me on some DM’s to purchase to help me with the issues above. I have been purchasing some To assist me with these issues, but as I mentioned, I’m new and may not get the best ones.

Love your work and everything that you’re doing it’s incredible and the DM’s are extremely powerful more powerful than any audio or Video frequency I’ve tried. I look forward to using them for many more years. Probably my entire lifetime.

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I wanted to also give a testimony. I injured my shoulders, two weeks ago, and I’ve been in extreme pain and nothing has helped. I’ve tried all Other frequencies. None of them help. Last night I was guided to buy the muscle recovery and growth, as well as the massage relaxation. Using that in combination with the field optimizer, I started to feel better within a few minutes. And I could use my shoulders better than I have been able to in the last two weeks. Thank you for offering amazing products to help people live better lives.



one field to rule them all(lol), that Maitreya recommends everybody carries with them is the Field Integration primer DM: FIELD INTEGRATION PRIMER

It cleanses your connection to source 24/7 by cleaning negative entities and energies that hinder that oh so important connection.

People have described when they start using the field that they feel immediately calmer and I concur, I feel noticeable reduction in stress and anxiety when I have this field in my memory card I carry.

Second one I recommend is the nutritional support DM: Nutritional Support

It removes any negative substances from food whether it be gmo or pesticides etc, which is helpful in your case because according to my experience, it is the toxins in food that make it oh so addictive including things like heavy metals, which I think is good for your weight.

The water blessings field you do have already if I recall from another post, which already is a huge game changer.

These three are my go to fields. :slightly_smiling_face:


Read descriptions and follow your intuition. I’ll list audios so you can listen to chosen ones and feel how they resonate with you. My advice is to start with self-esteem and self-love. This is a foundation for everything else.

Self Compassion

Overcoming Loneliness and Isolation to Build Meaningful Connections

Parents Love

Self-worth and Confidence 200 Installed Subconsciousness Beliefs and Feelings

Self Love and Acceptance

This mandala is one of the best ones, you carry with you all the time, will not overload your system. That was the only one I used on my “No fields” break. There is never enough of DM: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

As step 2 I would read about those:

Divine Invocation

Hara Line Harmonizer

The Butterfly Effect

Fohat Connection & Fohat Fire

The Overview Effect

Become the Master of Your Life

Obstacles Destroyer


Thank you for taking the time to reply. I got all the free DM’s so that also includes the Field Integration primer. I got them all, but I didn’t really understand them all. I will let optimizer sort that out for the most part. :grinning:smile:

I really appreciate you suggesting nutritional support. I would agree the foods in North America are highly toxic compared to other part of the world and that is a contributor to health and weight issues. It’s added to my fields to buy list!

Yes I got the water one the other day.

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the forum.

I would focus on some areas first,before tackling everything. Its sounds like your health/brain issues is the most important aspect for you right now.

For this I would recommend this field:

Brain Reset / Energetically Programmed Audio and since you are on patreon you can also use this field:

I think this would be the most important fields for you at the moment, besides that I would use some of the fields recommended to you above, that deals with your inner world, fileds for self love/confidence and so on.

Once this foundation is set you can go on and add different fields.


I am so sorry you are going through this. Have you given the book of health any thought? I would imagine that may be helpful to you. Also weight loss + workout comes to mind.
Welcome to this forum by the way! :slight_smile:


WOW Just WOW. Thank you Polaris for all the suggestions and taking the time to reply, I got the links to all the DM’s and added them to my list.

I already spend around $200 this month so far, so I am not sure how much more I can buy for now.

One thing, since I downloaded all the audios via Patreon, combines with The Field Broadcaster, the booster & Optimizer, I should get the benefits from all the videos you mentioned. I know the DM’s are more powerful, but at least for now, the Optimizer can work with the audios, is this correct?

Thanks, I see how this would help. I already have both audios and with The Field Broadcaster & The Field Optimizer. They should be helping with with this. I will also add the brain reset DM to my list as the DM’s seems to help me more.

Ya it’s been quite the journey, these last 8 years and 6 since the brain injury. I am learning a ton and growing immensely from all of this. I am stronger than I have ever been and I still have a long way to go.

I have looked at the book of health, but 333 USD is a lot right now, it’s almost $450 cdn. So I am trying to stick to the ones under $50 for now. It’s on my radar, but a bit out of reach right now.

Thanks, I had no idea there was a weight loss & workout DM, its been added to my list!

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I don’t know if you’re aware, but as a Patreon supporter, you can have a 20% discount.

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Yes, also you may not need the whole book. You can buy each system one by one (except muscular, skeletal and fascia always have to be used together). Glad that was helpful!

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Yes, I am. I use that on every purchase. So ya that would bring it down to $266 USD and $359 CDN. So closer to my reach.

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You can? I will look into that. Thanks

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Yes, you definitely can. Not sure which ones would serve you best, but I doubt you need all 14 DMs for your issues.

I always default to the gum road website, bit I am wondering if the store has more DM, or the search is just different.

gum road has 3 results Maitreya Fields
the store has way more and a few DM’s I haven’t seen on gum road before
Search results for "Lymphatic system"

Ill keep looking.

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No need to look. Click here :slight_smile:

There is a dropdown menu at the bottom of the description. 44 USD per book.

Cool, I never noticed that before. Thanks

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Just don’t overload yourself. Too many fields might knock you down and slow down the whole process. I did it to myself many times.