Bhramcharya V2

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Anyone please give clarity to this statement.

Absorption from the body.


Does that mean we won’t ejaculate anything including the semen?

I did a 5-day fast, and in that time I experienced many things, one of which was practically zero libido, the body is in a state of survival, where all that matters is to survive and that’s why secondary things are not taken as a focus, I believe that’s why during a prolonged fast the libido disappears, after all, eating is a more important and emerging goal than reproducing, you should eat only then to think about reproduction. It showed me the other side of the coin, the side that maybe it’s good to become a bramacharya, I’m seriously considering becoming one, human beings suffer because they want, want things they often can’t. Maybe true happiness is not wanting anything, not needing anything, instead of controlling the sexual instinct by force, maybe it’s better to just eliminate it, no more suffering, no difficulty, no desires, just focus and freedom, and still enjoy the benefits of semen preservation and dopamine depletion.


When listening to this it’s like my face wants to smile but only one side allows it😆 i cant go out in public at the moment lol
Half my face looks like joker what’s going on🤣

  • Face is warm
  • Face is tightening up on one side
  • Nose feels like a stone
  • Forehead feels like a stone too
  • My cheeks are really on :fire:
  • Front teeth pulsating
  • Feels like there’s an open hole on top of head

+++++ It feels nice

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I have come a long way and I’m still walking the journey. Its definitely for good reason why I’ve never been sexually active and still maybe I can experience union with God through sex as well as become a sex god at some point but at least for now, I have my mindset on only releasing until I want kids and try to eliminate the sex urge through fields and Japa etc… I know trying to do this isnt the type of resolve needed to obliterate such a powerful force but that is just my thoughts. I did come here to experience and I can still have self-realization while still having kids hmm…

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So this permanent change with this field and having Vasectomy the same thing?
And why only sperm is absorbed by the body but not the other components of semen? Dont they contain any sexual energy?

Thank you.

69th comment! I also wish to know, recently started activating this field with time breaker- I shall have the answer in 6 months max feels like less than that’ ill update results after I experiment in a few weeks - also hoping someone answers this! As absorbing everything is really marvelously idea ! Thats what I am going for’ also Mantak Chia’s methods to internally obsorb & full body orgasim I have had some success implemeting but just having this work 100% & not have to really focus on techniques / train a trantric system would be ofcourse great

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@Maitreya will the field make these “sexual desires and sexual thoughts about women” permanent or would they stop being removed once you stop wearing the field? Are there any other conditions that this field makes permanent even after you stop using the field? thank you for your time

If you use the field for a very long time, it will become a part of yourself. It applies to all changes. You would need other fields to reverse that and create another change and this would take a long time too. Every field should be used with caution and full responsibility.