Attract Wealth - Fast Manifestation with Theta BrainWawes (ver. 02 BOOSTED) ,,, Gumroad ver


Did anyone got this?

How was the result ? did you saw any results

would be helpful if anyone responds


I don’t know if this is the same one to the other one on Gumroad

@Maitreya , I see that you encoded the energy of numbers, crystals and planets positive effects. Can you please tell me what kind of them. Because i wanna buy some crystals that related to wealth, and what are the number too? Thank you.

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If you want go hard energy for wealth and abundance get pyrite. Look it up it is hard hitting energy that pushes more than Influences.


No results yet. I’m listening also to the subconscious affirmations track related to wealth. Maybe there are some blockages

Are you actively engaging with the audio and guiding the energy with your intent or just passively playing it and hoping that something with magically shift in your reality?

What do you currently do that could create more wealth for you?

Is there any real possibility for increased wealth in your current reality that would be enhanced by using wealth tools?

These are all vital points that must be recognized in order for you to create more wealth and abundance. If you have the stream/streams available for more wealth to be created then the wealth tools will make this happen passively. If you do not have the proper streams set in place then you must actively work with the audio to facilitate the change needed for more wealth to come to you.

The reason why wealth tools do not work for a lot of people is simply because there is nothing there for the universe to work with. Trust and believe you can have it all you just need the right action and mental state for it all to come to fruition.


Have stories of people finding money or finding lottery tickets, etc… one must be open to possibilities for sure!

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what is the difference between this audio (v2) and the youtube version? is it just stronger or does it have new programming? @Maitreya @Vega