Atomic Tap - Powerful Manifestor

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This field has been created to put you in a state in which you can tap the deepest energy - the core of the atoms in your body. This field gives you endless possibilities limited only by your imagination and creativity. You can heal yourself, manifest anything you need, use them as a booster for other energy fields from Maitreya and other creators. To increase the capacity and effect of orgonite, crystals, and other energy structures. The audio will work for the duration of the video clip, only while you are listening to it. The mandala in Gumroad will have activation/deactivation words so you can carry it with you everywhere and use it at your convenience and the preffered duration of time.

You can get the mandala from here:…

Mandala thread:

How to use this field? When you activate the mandala or you are listening to the video–imagine, see and feel the new reality you want to manifest in your life, the new state of being you want to achieve. This field will carry your manifestation in the most powerful part of yourself–the core of your atoms thus making manifestations much more powerful and faster.