Ask for help, some anxious

I live in a poorly soundproofed apartment. I was using “biological Alien Implants” just now.
But I missed one thing. My neighbor is an old man. Just had surgery for a broken bone. He has medical implants.
I guess he couldn’t hear it, but I’m still not sure. I just hope it didn’t affect him.
I felt fear and regret.
So half an hour later I came up with an idea. I played the “Reverse Effects from All Frequency” audio in the room at the same volume.

I only used 20-30% of the volume. I hope it didn’t affect him.
This is caused by my improper operation.

To make amends. I hope to send him the Patreon version of “Skeletal System and Joints Regeneraton” tomorrow. Is that all right?

There’s been a lot of accidents lately. I’m sorry to bother you

I think that since you played the reversal audio things should be ok. Also you might want to get this one for such cases: DM: The Chosen - MaitreyaFields

I hope so.

Skeletal System and Joints Regeneraton can I use for him?
Consider two issues:

  1. It has just been a month since his surgery. Is it feasible to use rehabilitation now?
  2. He has not been exposed to energy therapy.

You can not use anything on anybody else other than you or people who asked for your help. The only thing you can use in the future is the mandala I posted above, to make fields affect only you and not others. If you try to heal people who have not asked for that you take their karma on you.

I see. Thank you.
Can you explain in passing the principle of karmic transfer? A while back, I made a vow to cure other people of the new coronavirus (it’s more than that. I just forgot more. Haha), and then I seem to be burdened with heavy karma. That’s one of the reasons I’m miserable.
Is it because they didn’t ask for it, or they wanted it and they didn’t ask for it right. In doing so, I am forcing others, so I will take the bad karma. (My guess, lol)

Please look at the last message

Yes, I think your explanation is correct. When someone has a problem they have created it for themselves on some level because they need it for virtue development or other reasons. When you take that burden from them you in fact create difficulties for them. It’s like going to the gym and taking weight off bodybuilders routine. They will likely beat you up and throw you out, lol :slight_smile: Just focus on yourself and those that specifically asked you for help.

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Ok. I’m so lucky to know you