Can someone help me in my situation?

Hello, I’m originally from sapien med forums where I posted about my current lamentable state I was when I started to discover strange frequencies and subliminals in my wish to better myself in some ways. This was when I wished to be sure that frequencies and subliminals would treat me it their original intent but not so.

What happened was that I used said frequency that was targeting the removal of body hair. It was a mix of frequencies and subliminals maybe, I can even search it on youtube but I wouldn’t dare. Then the worst happened: My hair of my head not my body was failing immediatily after hearing it and the rest is on my profile on Sapien Med. I’m currently a incompatible person and after receiving information from someone who deleted their profile of some vid that would better my situation it did not better at all by hearing said videos of some frequency maker “atona” just mental stress and energy intentions that missed and caused some collateral effect. Then I decided to remain clean of frequencies. A thing I never did before and I remained clean for more than 5 months. Enough to sway away my suspicions of a “clash” or something. Now I’m wearing a printed mandala of Maitreya to try to reverse things which I had the courage to do it because it isn’t audio.

At least things are getting better in my mind but this mandala would it go beyond it to reverse said things that happened to my appearance? Is there something that can heal my hair follicles that these “ill creators” of youtube did? And never mind any “hair regenerator” from sapien med just a generalized healing to restore cells or better a mandala or something but this is what I imagine it would help

Once the changes have arrived in the DNA I don’t think it’s simple to be reversed, no reset can handle that. How do you remove DNA changes? How will the field know what “original” is? You can’t just remove your DNA, that would cause death, you could at most return to the original gene but again, an extremely specific situation that varies from person to person. What I suggest is that you try to create an audio that normalizes your situation, not a reset mandala or anything like that.

The Book of Health - System Blueprint

Blueprint of Integumentary system -skin, hair, nails


I see it. Thank you, I’m glad people here are willing to help and I will give it a thought after I use the reset mandala for a extended period of time.

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I think any energy work will always be something that tries to mend but it can’t. And you are just speculating right? Because this degree of certainty on the text of yours make me hopeless… please answer…

I’m not sure about anything, just experiments and tests over time, if your problem started with an energy work then I think the only way to solve it is using other energy work, subliminals and the like, I recommend you read this post of mine : Infinity energy - Ask for suggestion - Maitreya Fields

Use chromosomes series from YT. Pt 1 and 2.
As they are described!


What do you mean? What are the titles of the videos because I can’t find them.

Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube Ver. 02 Activation of Chromosomes: Mitochondria / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube


I just want to respond to this to make a general statement about situations that seem hard or even impossible to solve. Remember please, your mind is very limited in this incarnated form.
It is very appealing to the mind to find reasons why something is impossible, but to God the mind means nothing.
For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight .
Never ever give up, never ever believe something is too impossible to be set straight just because you don’t know a solution right now.
Doing the impossible is daily business in the spiritual world by now.