Any super power

Non Newtonian aura/infinite wisdom and negative mass…(plus a spider sense)
What would make this sort of thing possible?


A lot of meditation and self-inquiry.


Meditating on or having the Sri Yantra mandala will help you gain powers. You can use Maitreya’s Sri Yantra DM.


You can check this one too


What do you mean by this? You are already a multi-dimensional being…

You already have this, all people do. We just have forgotten how to access it. Connect with Spirit, your Higher Self, & your intuition and the wisdom will flow.

For what purpose? Having mass is useful…it’s kinda a prerequisite for existing in 3D reality.

You already have this too - it’s intuition. Learn to use it.


More important is to know how to detect and learn what isn’t your true self.

Otherwise you get pretty fast fooled, i’ve seen it enough in the past when people claimed “my higher self said…” and when i read it: :woozy_face:

If you just connect with your higher self it doesn’t mean it will be always him, you as a microcosm being have A LOT of beings that work inside you (or testing you)

That’s why it is so important to detach first from all idea’s, emotions / attachments to get first into a state or neutrality otherwise it becomes very fast just an another ego thing.

If you really want to have strong powers i guess doing the star exercise for daily 20-40min would be the way.

If it really would be that easy anyone would had them.

(for a good reason people say it’s mostly an obstacle to have them because people tend to drift away from their main goal, atleast what i’ve heard of course)

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We have powers and we don’t have powers, but can anyone of us actually say we have powers like omnipotence or even telekinesis? It takes time to develop any type of power/ability. Some people are born with varying abilities at varying levels of development due to past lifetime achievements. It can take many lifetimes to achieve true powers like flight, size manipulation, teleportation, shapeshifting, and infinite other kinds of powers. I think when you start realizing that these powers are possible, you have experienced a certain number of lifetimes and lessons. Almost everything is possible.

I think one step to achieving omnipotence is realizing you are the omnipresent, empty, and neutral observer that originated from the infinitely small point of absolute nothingness. Each omni-power leads to the other omni-powers. When you have realized you are nothing you will become the everything that you already are in whatever amount of time or no time at all.

None of us will ever reach the highest goal because the goal will always escape from our grasp due to there always being more power to gain, more knowledge to gain, and more presence to gain.

What is the goal anyway? Is it to cease to exist? If that is the goal, I am in no hurry to get there. I want to have fun with existence for all of eternity. When you become absolutely nothing, will you become something, anything, and everything?

Has an omnipotent being ever destroyed reality? They say God will do that at some point in time.

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I used to believe that the sound inside my head was either my higher self or my ego. I didn’t know there are others too.

How do we do this?

I have an interest in this one. Still not sure what it does and how to do it

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Who you really are is the Observer who is creating the Observed which are your thoughts, emotions, body, and surroundings. Focus on being the Observer and the Truth will be revealed.

When you realize that you are the Observer which is the Soul/True Self, you are now always meditating. In a meditative state, answers will come naturally as Intuition/Knowledge of Self.


C.G. Jung did a good job to classify it.

Basically it draws chi into your system (way more then any field it would)


Superman doesn’t actually have super strength. Take a look at the comics. He stops planes by holding on to the nose cone. This means the entire weight of a falling plane is balanced on a section of metal approximately the size of a human being’s hands. That’s like trying to stop a person toppling over by putting a knife, blade up, in front of their chest. It won’t end well. It’s not strength that’s keeping that plane aloft.

It’s negative mass. Negative mass is a so-far hypothetical state of matter in which all the properties of a particle are the same, except their reaction to certain forces. A push on negative mass would cause it to go flying in the opposite direction. Superman must have the ability to temporarily turn parts of his own body, and objects touching it, to negative mass. If a plane is crashing, he would take hold of the nose cone – and create a web of negative mass throughout the plane. The force of the plane would push on this web of negative mass, causing it to resist, and slow the descent of the plane, all without breaking the plane into pieces. Superman could create these negative mass nets within himself, too, to provide internal structure of the proper strength – so he doesn’t fall to pieces either.

Not many people know this, but there are some stories that say Superman’s invulnerability is not from inherent toughness of flesh, but from a superthin aura that surrounds him at all times. This is why the cape may get tattered in many battles, but no matter what the suit never comes off to leave a naked Kryptonian having on-panel battles with laser-toting aliens.

As everyone who has seen the trailers for Superman Returns knows, metal bullets bend on this aura, even when they’re over the iris of the eye, but they are not repelled, so it’s not electro-magnetic. And while not many people want to touch Clark Kent, those that do don’t notice anything strange, so it can’t be heat-related or a super-rigid material.

The moment where you stop to fantasize about things and just doing it your life will improve dramatically.

And yes there is a science/knowledge behind all of this but for sure you not gonna find it in the comics…also takes seriously commitment over a long period time.

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My friend this works great but any idea where I can find this to download or watch whenever I want?:pray:

On his Patreon
Also Patreon version is a bit stronger and without music


Also i reccomend you to use this audio with his booster simultaneously (From different devices if possible)

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Who is this guy though? The vid doesn’t come with a link to his channel😕

I’ll totally subscribe to him when I gets the info😅

Oh wait… I just clicked on it​:roll_eyes::grin::pray:

He is good creator and has really unique ideas

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