Animal Kingdom - Experience Series

This audio will give you the ability to experience the animal kingdom and also will allow you to get great benefits from animals. You can get for example lion’s courage or wolf"s leadership.

When you hold some energy in your system for a longer time it will connect you and give you these benefits integrated fully in you. Experience is temporary, but the benefits will be permanent.

How to use the field?

It can be used in meditation with awareness (better way) or automatic (slower integration). In meditation you can get a really stunning experience as you are the animal you choose and see how they live, and feel their being.

Additional program: your connection with animals will get stronger and you will start to understand intuitively their language and life. If you have your own pet your connection will become even stronger and you will know better what your pets “want to tell you”.

Audio is around 2 hours, but you can use it less.


You said , The experiance will be temporary but the animal’s skill will be parmanent ?
Like lions courage , wolfs leadership … etc

One more question , How many animals are installed in this field ?


Yes, you get their skills.

All animals on the planet Earth. :slight_smile:


Wut ?? All animals ?

As in birds , insect , , dinausar , dragons and all other animals that has gone extinct also ?

we can experiance them and get their skills ??


Bravo Maitreya. This is exactly the type of field I need for my new protocol. Any new year discount code? I am in need of this one as well as the crystal kingdom.

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xmas sale is still running :blush:

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Maybe have to do it from pc no code thing showing up on mobile but ty I’ll be picking those 2 up today for sure. How did you know this was what I was working on lol?

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You enter the code when you check out

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Worked on PC but on mobile it was not showing up :wink:

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Okay just purchased this Gem. I will be working with it later tonight with intent. Would you say that watching videos of specific animals would help as well with the integration?

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Don’t need to do that. Say what you want to experience and add if you want to take benefits from this animal.

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Will work with this tonight

Hello Maitreya Fields, if i want to experience eagle, and i want to take benefits from eagle’s vision for strong eyesight, by logic, does it mean, my eyesights will improve?

To what degree? Like, is it permanent? Or just temporary when i was meditating? If permanent, what action do i need to take to make that integrate with me?

Thank you!


Going to channel mantis shrimp and turn into One Punch Man :facepunch:

Then be immortal like jellyfish.

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You just say what benefits skills you want to take and they will integrate in you.


For physical changes will take time to accumulate in the system.

You mention automatic in the description. Can you elaborate more on how this works? By just listening to the audio what benefits could one receive?

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I ask because the field seems to have a very large possible Influence.

You can say I want to feel wolf experience for example and automatically the field will put that into your energy system, but won’t give you benefits if you don’t say it.


Now that’s Jenga!

Hey @Maitreya do you have a list of animals benefits ? And thanks