Crystals Kingdom - Experience Series

This audio will give you the ability to experience crystal kingdom and also will allow you when you experience some crystals to get their benefits easily in your energy system.

When you hold some energy in your system for a longer time it will connect you and give you the pure frequency of the crystal you chose.

This is an advanced tool for people who know the powers of crystals and how they can fast change your life with new high vibrations. You can get from crystals luck, abundance, love attraction, self confidence, discipline, protection from negative energy and basically everything you want.

How to use the field?It can be used in meditation with awareness (better way) or automatic (slower integration).

Additional program: people who love crystals most of the time are addicted to crystal frequency and appreciate them as they can recognize their power and impact in their lives. So we added a command in the field that will clear all accumulated energy in your physical crystals and recharge them with Earth’s energy.




gotta love crsstals. buying very soon

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what is the benefit of it ? More explanation please

Just a connection with cyestal kingdom…

If I put it in field storage with + Sapien “ blue celestial”

Will boost the other field? Or it’s has much more than single crystal.


Audio will allow you when you experience some crystals to get their benefits easily in your energy system. This means you will catch their vibrations and from there the benefits will come. :slight_smile:

This field now is great combo with:


Does this also work with energetic audio which reproduces the energy / vibration of crystals ?!

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I want to know this too

I get it now

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Yes as long as it’s energy it will work…


Exist any crystal which helps to expand auric field?

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anandalite is great one and has many other benefits too


Thank you!!

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Now that this is converted into a mandala, is it the same as the other mandala?

It has been removed. We didn’t notice that we have them doubled. Thank you for that! :slightly_smiling_face: