DM: Harmonia Sphere

This energetically programmed field establishes a profound synchronization between an individual and the natural world, nurturing a deep connection and understanding with all living beings. The essence of this programmed energy radiates a sense of profound goodwill and unity, eliciting an innate response from every creature encountered.

In this state, a person becomes intertwined with nature, resonating in a way that conveys immense love and benevolence. It engenders a profound sense of interconnectedness, leading all beings to perceive the individual as a friend and ally.

Larger creatures, typically perceived as threats, instinctively recognize the individual as a guardian and a source of protection. They honor this unspoken alliance, choosing to coexist without hostility or aggression, confident that, if the need arises, aid will be offered.

Smaller animals, sensing the purity of intention, feel an unspoken bond and express their trust by refraining from alarm calls or defensive behaviors. Insects, often regarded as nuisances, perceive no threat emanating from the person and peacefully coexist, allowing uninterrupted passage without aggression or disturbance.

Should one find themselves in need, the air becomes a channel of support, symbolizing the interconnected web of care and support.

Ultimately, this energetically programmed field fosters a profound sense of harmony, love, and unity between the individual and all living beings, creating a shared space where mutual respect and support form the basis of existence.


Thank you!! Always wanted this

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Wonderful, thank you so much! :pray: I was checking out the Kingdom of Animals DM yesterday, and this sounds like a 2.0 version of that regarding the connection and understanding for all living beings.

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@Maitreya lowest age that can use this? assuming kids can use this this will be useful in areas where there are lots of dogs and mosquitos(?)


I was thinking about something like this when helping a bee get out of the house the other day “it’d be nice to let animals know that I mean them no harm” (various animals frequently need help around this parts too). Thanks for another amazing creation!

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i notice someone today not feeling threatend by my presence :grin:
then he became more friendly i felt this with our interaction and it gave me so much relief … thanks :purple_heart: it made me feel peaceful too…


We don’t recommend any fields to children under 16 apart from the Kids Mandala and the Unconditional Love.


i think it ground alot of fear projectons around me …

i feel safe with myself :purple_heart: i start to fear myself lataly :melting_face:

people sense power & courage as threate … then they send fear …

but my aura now comfort others …

what a blessing :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Should I use a shield, to stay away from attack’s( like lower entities etc)?
It works great with animals👍

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Personally, I think protection should be no 1 for everyone. The lighter and brighter you are, the more visible you are in the astral world.


Does this field work as a shield or is there a different one you would recommend for the type of protection you are describing?

The Harmonia Sphere is made for all living beings. I wouldn’t consider demons as living, but spiritual philosophers could disagree with me for sure. I would recommend those fields to protect yourself from invisible beings.

This has more benefits than just protection :slight_smile:


In the description, it is stated that a connection and understanding are established with all living beings. However, humans are also living beings and part of the living nature.

In connection with this, the questions arise: do these mandalas affect humans in the same way as animals? Will the mandala evoke a response in humans, and will people begin to experience a profound sense of friendliness and unity towards the owner of the mandala?

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It might be beneficial, yes, but humans are more complicated than animals. Dogs will react to energy work much better than people, as they don’t have blockages in their subconscious mind.


How big is the sphere?

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It will adjust to your aura.

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Update on this field.

I tested this field out when flies started to disturb me by putting it into my mandala manager.

Surprisingly, they don’t disturb me anymore. And on multiple occasions. They sit beside me peacefully . No physical contact with me

And also i am more intune with other people, i respect their perspective also and who they are and it forms a harmonious connection between us. People are more chatty


Great results! Thank you for sharing your experience!