Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging

You have forty-six Chromosomes (23 pairs of two strands each) in your body and each of those chromosomes have two strands each of DNA. The first two that you are going to be working on within the Master Cell are called the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes. These chromosomes are always in pairs, so they are both activated with this energetically programmed audio.

This program will ACTIVATE CLEARING ON PHYSICAL BODY. You can have healing crisis with that detoxification – diarrhea, headache, pain on some part in body where have blockages. This will be no longer than 2 weeks!

Benefits after this program/clearing:

  • Lots of Energy - like you are in you 20’s :slight_smile:
  • Better skin, hair, nails
  • Improved health and any conditions in the body
  • This program is so strong, it can even heal disease

This inspires me to go another round of v01 and v02

So what types of updates are going on with all these? I can note that they seem to all feel “better”, at least to me, I could be wrong, but am just curious what is generally being done here with everything. That if its anything other than making shorter but as much or more effective

Also the general consensus with these two is 1 week v1 then 1 week v1 and v2 is ideal, correct?

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I believe it is actually 2 weeks for each version.

I have the discipline of a squirrel with ADHD but if that’s the case I’ll try lmao. I’m sure I’ll be fiiine

I am still confused… version 1 for 1 week, then stop version 1 and start version 2 for 1 week? Is that how it is to be done? Please advise.

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Also, its my day 7 of version 1. Since I started it, I am feeling pain in joints and spine, plus general bodyache. Hot flashes and then chills. I hope this means it’s working. Anyone else felt any kind of healing crisis like this?

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The way I’m interpreting it and am gonna run with is

v1) 2 weeks ideal, 1 week is good
V1 & V2) 1 wk good, 2 ideal; do both versions daily


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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It would be kind if a moderator could clarify the listening schedule of Version 1 and 2. There are different recommendations from users scattered around this forum but none official.

Pt 1 - 2 weeks listening / 2-3 times a day
Pt 2 - 2 weeks listening / 2-3 times a day
You have to finish pt 1 so you can jump on pt 2.


Excuse me please but I did not understand one thing about this file. At the beginning there is like a link to youtube where this file is located. But later within this topic I saw that two parts of this file are being mentioned.
One file - and two parts. How can that be? I did not get any explanation of that fact. I would like to start using it but I do not know where Pt.1 and Pt.2 are located. Are they located within the same file? Or where?

The post link leads to part 1 and only it, part 2 is this:


Thank you very much!

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Does it just make you feel 20s or does it make you physiologically in your 20s?

Better skin, hair, nails, improved health - these are physiological, so can’t be clearly just a feeling of being 20.


Can this reverse premature greying hair and boost collagen, metabolism ?

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I felt great almost the whole time except for the last day, when I got some diarrhea and a very slight headache. Now I’m finishing up part 2 and the healing crisis is very obvious, haha!


Hi, I Have Mitochondrial & DNA activation & Telemere extension but I take it that THIS fields is different " [Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging" - will this also become a mandala and/or a pendant on ETSY as well? That’d be great, I Love the DM’s and Pendants more so than the video’s. thank you none the less for making this one. Much Love and respect.
PS. Oh how about both versions as DM’s & or Pendants on Etsy,etc? Thanks. these look so good and helpful!!

The ‘Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti-Aging’ field should be used for 2, up to a maximum of 3 weeks, and then a break should be taken. I’d create it as a mandala, but I’m concerned that someone might forget about it and leave it on for an extended period, which wouldn’t be good.