While listening to Atomic Tap - Powerful Manifestor I accidentally imagined something that I don't want to be happened

I know I have to be careful about what I imagine while listening to that field but sometimes I can’t control my mind as a result random thoughts imaginations accidentally come to my mind. That’s why today while playing this field & imagining my desired scenario I accidentally imagined something randomly that I should not. what should I do right now to stop that random imagination to be manifested? I have been so stressed about it. I am already having headaches due to extreme tension about this coz I never want that random thing to be manifested in my life.
PLEASE! @Maitreya PLEASE! someone at least confirms to me that while listening to this field does it manifest random unwanted imaginations or not??

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It does manifest what you think,
no matter if it’s “good or bad”.
Now, remember the thoughts you had, that you don’t wish to manifest in your life,
and say that you cancel this. That’s all it needs to be done.
No need for so much worrying.


Just change the scene to something that you want and repeat it a few times until you are satisfied that it has “overwritten” your previous unwanted imagined scene. Also remember to relax, because positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative ones, so don’t stress :blush::purple_heart:


Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions :rose: :rose:


thanks a lot for your help :rose: :rose: