Which ones are the best fields for increased masculine energy?


Which fields from Maitreya, that are made to increase your masculinity, gave you the best results?

I’m talking about results like: masculine voice, masculine symmetric body (wide neck, broad shoulders, small waist, shredded muscles), strength, masculine aura/radiance, charisma, confidence, have control over your mind and discipline, attract good women (women that won’t waste your time). So please let me know what worked for you to get some of the results I talked about.

Today I started listening to Semen retention, Attraction magnetic sexual bundle (for him) and maybe I will use the super sayan one for my workouts, but I’m not sure yet. I will let u guys know what results I get from these after a few weeks.

Dopamine repair one.

(combined with nofap ofcourse, otherwise its useless)

The pathway reset is like it returns you to ancestral psycho hunter level.

You can look as masculine as you want, that doesnt really mean anything.

(lots of people look masculine but theyre a girl mentally)

The psycho caveman mindset is true masculinity :smiley:


No joke!


True, I wasn’t talkin only about looking manly from a physical point of view, I was talking about the mental too.

I practice semen retention already, but sometimes this practice get’s me depressed, maybe it is too much energy that gets stuck in my body and that I don’t use it.
Someone told me that the brain chemical restoration field is even better than the dopamine one for someone that is doing nofap/semen retention. Right now I added this one too, to the combo.

So starting from today I will listen to the SR/Nofap video, Sexual attraction bundle and Brain chemical restoration. I was thinking to add the dopamine one too but don’t know if it is needed since the brain chemical targets the dopamine too, and I also want to fatigue my mind with too many fields, I feel like 3 is the perfect number.

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Im in the same boat SR too. I experienced same things, like too much energy, then i release, always a circle like that. Then i started to meditation and yoga/ sometime qi gong, that really help me to keep the energy balance.

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Update: Sincer I started listening to my new playlist I started to feel a weird feeling inside my brain, weird and good at the same time, like my brain is healing. This feeling is similar to what I feel when I am on semen retention for more than 14 days.
Other than that I feel pretty positive, mentally speaking, like I can achieve anything, but dunno if this is the result of the fields that I listen now, because I have periods or times when I feel this way without listening to any fields.

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