What's currently making you happy?

For me, it’s painting again and following a self generated trail of words in my head and trying to switch associations. I am giggling in life again, had forgotten that emotion for about 7 years now.


Helping others, spending time with nature, animals


I used to think that my happiness depended on something specific.

But now I realize that it is merely a state of mind, and i can shift into this state, independent of circumstances, just like children do: one moment you cry, then you shift, and suddenly you are smiling.


Beautiful, what is your guiding factor in choosing an activity since your state is situation independent?

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I am far from being a Buddha, but every day I have fewer and fewer automatic reactions and triggers. The absence of automatic reactions allows me to choose both the reaction and the internal state.
In terms of activity, I try to be guided by my body, or more precisely, by the response that comes from it.
Like / dislike.
Want / do not want.
This expands me / this narrows me.

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Your answer has generated more questions in me, but I will refrain for now !

Feel free to ask )

According to my thinking, like or dislike, want or not want is governed by desire for a particular state/ perceived state I.e. an inherent desire for change/ movement? If we are state independent, where does this inherent desire originate?

From within. You begin to feel what your inner child, your true self, wants.

Try taking a delicious, juicy, favorite fruit and ask yourself, ‘Do I want to eat it?’ You will hear a response in your body.

Try taking a piece of raw meat and ask the same question. Likely, the response will be quite different.

I’m already in a good mood, but I still want to eat the fruit to experience a slightly different sensation/emotions/feelings/state …

This is my game.

Either I play my game, or I play someone else’s. I have a vision of the games I want to play, the sensations I want to experience, the emotions I want to live through. So, I choose them,

I like playing my games, not those of states, corporations, etc.

Does someone want to play war? Please, go ahead. Someone wants to play suffering? Please, it’s your right. Play whatever you want. But I don’t want to play that. I choose other games for myself and engage in them by changing my internal state. I choose what to feel, how to feel, and reality unfolds in relation to me exactly as I feel and think.


Thank you for this. :tada::tada:

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Can we see your paintings? :slight_smile:

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Gym. :smiley: I need a strong body to handle all the energy. I noticed that with energy expansion, I also need to make myself more physically strong. Otherwise, I need to nap way too often.

That’s a great mindset. Following your body signals reminds me of Human Design.


A few years ago, I hated working out. Today, I do home workouts 4-6 times a week with a pleasure.

I recommend starting with short interval workouts at home. 7-10 minutes, three times a week. Go on YouTube, search for HIIT workout, pick trainers you like, and follow along with them. In a couple of weeks, you’ll feel stronger and will want to do longer, harder and more often.

Consistency is key.

In design, there’s a concept about responding in the body, not acting just for the sake of it, but waiting for an internal response to external events before acting.

I adopted this idea from Access Consciousness teachings.

The first thing they teach is presence. 90% of people are not present in their own lives; they’re off somewhere in the clouds or elsewhere… A simple example: four friends meet in a café and don’t talk to each other, each one is engrossed in their phone.

If we’re not present with our body, we’re not present with ourselves. It’s important to always be present with our body, but we often worry about, for example, what others will think of us. Being present with our body, thoughts, breathing, everything is crucial.

Next, they teach communicating with your body.

The body is the manifested part of our Self, our divine part, an energetic substance, an intelligent living matter. By addressing the body, you’re also addressing the Higher Mind in a more direct way because this part of us, as we know, knows all about us, more closely, in detail, and thoroughly.

Monitor your body’s reactions to different events, for someone it might be a lump in the throat, or in the solar plexus, for someone else something may tighten, a muscle spasm occurs, everyone has their own.

Thus, the wise body always hints at what is hindering it. And what is stopping you from achieving your goals. Learn to notice that any emotion is immediately reflected in the body, it happens in response to certain events, actions, or conversations of other people, on TV shows, and so on.

Then they teach deleting garbage from the body.

Then they teach creating with the help of the body.


That’s really interesting. Thank you for sharing this! I guess many of us practice mindfulness, but ‘bodyfulness’ should also be implemented.

Thank you :blue_heart: I was a gym person before. I love all the equipment. I had a long recovery from the accident. But it’s all restored, so I can play again.


The ‘Access’ gave me a lot and improved my mindfulness dramatically. The essence of ‘Access’ lies in exploring open questions and following the energy that emerges.

You ask the right question, and then you react and act according to the response you feel. That is, you follow the energy.

For example:

  • Earth, how can I contribute to you?
  • How can I be a contribution to a vast number of people?
  • If I were creating my reality, what would it look like?
  • Universe, show me, how can this be?
  • What can I add to my life that would bring money so easily, I’d be amazed at how quickly and effortlessly I can have money?
  • What can I be, what can I do, and what can I choose to change my financial situation right now?
  • What miracles can I create today? What can I choose that would make this easy?
  • Universe, show me the magic.
  • If today I had the opportunity to do just one thing, what would it be?
  • Universe, show me the business through which I can contribute, serve people, express and reveal my best qualities, and generate and create XXX amount of net profit per month for myself and my family with absolute ease, joy, and magnificence?

And you follow the emerging energy of ease, joy and creativity.

However, to follow this energy, you need to remove internal blocks and limitations. And they are around every corner and even in places you would never think they could be.

Be open. Follow energy. Follow the ideas that pop up. Take action.
That’s the key

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