The most benfitial for mental changes?

Hey all im cerius :slight_smile:
I whould like to know your favorite’s
for healthy mental state

ik that each individual have his spot to focus on

Im talking about fields but also activities ,mantras , or psychological tools
For self disipline , wholness that help you go for actions !

One thing this i can say that helped alot is:
I learned to think about my relaity into concepts and it helping me to realize deeper lvls of past and present events by having a short cuts of understanding through the lens of these concepts .

These conepts are tested enough to achive there tittle ,
Created a manager for these concepts that have an automatic self testing for them comper to a new ideas that can potatntily replace one or few of the old once’s

So more the time goes , i stay with more stable lens that get trough tons of tests but was still prove themself as something that revant to work with in my journey :slight_smile:

About dms
My favorites for mental health is

Life coach :white_heart:
Release gult
Relationship blocks
Wholness fulness

What yours ?