What to do in the face of a bad premonition of the future?

I had premonitory dreams of blood and death about my mother, what was I supposed to do? I’m not really sure if they’re premonitory, but since I have the power to predict the future, it’s possible that they are.

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It may give you peace to know that no one can die without their own permission. If something like that is gonna happen, you cannot do anything, 'cause it is not your decision to make. All you can do is appreciate your relationship with your mom, appreciate her as a soul incarnated, as a fellow traveller… And, remember, where you place your attention is where you place your energy, so, you can choose between thinking about his death or thinking about the fact that she is still by your side.


in psychology, when you dream of the death of a loved one, it means that we need that person, and we perceive it as a lack (I am a psychologist)


If you truly did perceive a potential future for your mother, that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to happen that way. The future is not a fixed thing, but a sea of potentials - potentials that you can influence.

One easy thing you could try to do to influence the potential event you saw is to send love to it. Go into the heart space, and send love to that event so that whatever happens is only in alignment with the highest & greatest good of all.

Or, you could try using an intercession field to seek help from higher beings to achieve the same goal of ensuring whatever happens is only the best potential outcome for all.


Also, if the future you saw is karmic in nature, you could try getting your mother to use karma release fields as a way to try and prevent that potential from occurring. Well, if she’s open to these types of things that is.

If the karma that would have caused that event to happen is released/burned/etc., then there will no longer be a need for the event to happen…that’s the idea at least. I can’t remember if MF has a karma release field, but I do know SZ has a really good one.

…just a few thoughts to consider.


It is also possible that your dream was just a scare tactic. Here’s what I mean. From what I remember reading on the forum, you’ve only just recently found freedom from the oppressive darkness that has controlled your life for so very long. I can’t remember which field you used to get there, but that’s not super important I guess.

What is important is to know that often times, when people find a way to free themselves from dark influences, those entities will often go seek help from other, stronger beings and return as a group to try and regain control. They could be messing with you to try and return you to a fearful state, which would make you easier to subdue and control.

So, I suppose what you need to do most is to try to discern the truth of what’s actually happening. Once you know whether the vision of the future is accurate, or it’s merely an illusion meant to subvert your newfound freedom, well…you’ll know how to respond appropriately.

Good luck.


Thank you for the tips.


friend, make your environment a good place with positive energies to the point of reaching your mother and making her overflow with pure love and happiness… often it’s not premonitions but some external energy that’s inducing dreams or thoughts like that, the energy of the house for example, but if it’s really a premonition, raise your family’s vibe