Dealing with toxic people

All my life I dealt with a toxic person, my own sister, a few years ago she left home, but she returned, and makes everyone’s life hell, she has bipolar disorder, but I didn’t admit it and she doesn’t want to be treated, she doesn’t accepts to be contradicted, it is impossible to discuss civilly, she simply starts screaming and cursing when she is angry, making any consensus or discussion impossible, she is an extremely aggressive and violent person, having already had several passages in the police for aggression, she humiliates my mother and you want her to talk to her again the next day, and if you walk away you are wrong and you are hypocritical, she starts to drama and play the victim and she always starts all the fights, she says she is alone, she doesn’t have an ounce of gratitude, the whole family always helps her when needed but she says she is not helped, she is an extremely difficult person to deal with, she is a physical and energetic vampire, sucks the goods and the mind of those who don’t want her close by. My mother and I are leaving home because of her, but the contact will never end because she has a nephew and my mother is very fond of him, I don’t see a way to solve this situation other than going to another country, I just don’t want to see more of this demon in front of me.

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I’m familiar with what you’re dealing with. It sounds like there is some light at the end of the tunnel since you are getting away from this person.

I was ready to comb through my list of fields for dealing with vamps and share it but it doesn’t seem that is what you are looking for. Just sharing your experience it seems.


Maybe literally?

That behaviour usually is because of a reason.

You cant exactly force shielding and entity removal on her, but what you can try is :

Get a mandala that has the astral katana with it, and use it on her with the intention of removing negative forces.

Not trying to help HER, but making it you vs negative.

If the issue still isnt solved then and its really her, try any calming field for the environment (theres plenty) that will calm her down and have a chat to understand the root reason.

She IS your sister, protect and love with your life!!


I’ve tried everything, I have all the maitreya mandalas related to environmental protection, I do exorcisms but nothing ever changes, you are suggesting things that are impossible, you don’t understand the situation, you don’t know what it’s like, it doesn’t exist ways to talk and resolve differences with her, this parasite is doing emotional blackmail using my nephew to force my mother to come home, rehearsing everything he should say, no matter where you go she never leaves us. That’s not being family, that’s not family, family is far beyond blood ties, if someone only harms your life and wants to end you, that’s not family, someone can be your family without having a blood connection, all that matters is a strong connection.

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Buy/wear divine invocation mandala.


Last time when you posted something like that I had suggested a way and also tried to tell you the root reason. It seems like you still didn’t get it and you are stuck in the loop hole.

Here again, all shit that happens with"You" is realted to your past contract. No psychic will tell you more than this. You have to find yourself and have to slove from there. You did something in your past life that is now hunting you down. You have to do it yourself. That’s the part of your contract.


Yes, I understand your point.

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Audio is enough


I would appreciate it if you shared the list. :blush:

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It’s always changing with something being added or removed because I’m always learning.

Listing only the Maitreya fields since other creators being mentioned is not welcome here I think? Or is that just s-guy? idk

Adaptive Shield
Helm of Awe
Grounding DM (earthing and grounding)

Any shield can piss someone off. Even adaptive though it does it the least of all. Which is part of why you don’t see me listing every shield related field here. It can be very effective to have 10 shields on. But it is almost certain to draw more attacks.

I try to pick the ones that draw the least and defend the most. For now, it’s these.

Grounding is underrated. Any attack has to get you out of touch with reality to some degree to work against you. If you have believed no lie, then no attack has been effective, no damage has been taken. And grounding is being in touch with reality.

Additionally, grounding is like a shield for your shields. It makes them harder to be used against you.


that one is piece of shit anyway :smiley:

After reading this & what you commented on the Lucid Dreaming thread, I’m wondering just one thing @DarkMatter:

Do you still have the negative ley line running through your home? If so, that is a MAJOR root cause that needs to be addressed, lest it continue to amplify negativity & diminish positivity in your space.

Maitreya’s mandalas are great, but they’d work much better in an environment that’s not being flooded with negative energies continually by the earth itself. Like, an umbrella works well against the rain but not so well against a river flood…


I’m investigating with a professional magician what really goes on in that house.

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