Nightmares/bad dreams

Are nightmares just that - nightmares? Or is there often/always more to it than that? I ask because since I’ve started listening to a subliminal for overcoming fear, I’ve had bad dreams. Not terrifying ones, but unpleasant. Not unusual for me when I’ve tried some fear-removing audios.

There has been some hopeful imagery in one of them though, like when I removed some collar that appeared around my neck.

I’d like to think this is a sign that my brain is working through some Serious Sh!t, so that’s mostly why I’m asking. Thanks!


yes it is normal.

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in my experience they can be more than that.

i see people report that with subliminals and specially with morphic fields.

i suggest you,

  1. take it slowly. suspend if symptoms continue i’d say.
  2. prepare some flushes, and purifying fields and videos. personally i’ve found the banish entity field by sapien extremely helpful. maitreya must have some equivalent ones. and exorcism videos have helped me too.
  3. reiki can help too. search etta arlene’s channel for things like “subliminals” and “morphic fields”.

personally i’ve only had one really bad experience with a quadrible integrity video. nothing else with sapien, and much less and specially with maitreya. maitreya’s fields feel super clean and good.

which is why i am here now. lol.


Option 1 - your subconscious clears the fear you have and this should pass fast: 1-2 weeks.
Option 2 - the subliminal you are using is not clear. It has entities and other programs which are putting you into negative dimensions while you sleep.

Dreaming it’s not a random thing as most people accept it. The places where you are going with your consciousness while you accept that you are dreaming are real places/dimensions.

You can use a field that clears the entities from your auric field and see if after that you are having again nightmares. If not - that is the reason and it’s better to change the source of the subliminal you are listening to.


I was just going to say about the same thing Maitreya did before I saw her post. I’ll go ahead and share part of it anyways since it’s a little different.

Mainly just want to add that I can verify firsthand that even a good clearing type sub can cause a nightmare. Because I made the sub myself. I know what’s in it. It doesn’t cause nightmares on most nights but every once in a while and I think it’s my subconscious working things out.

But if it happens too often I’d start suspecting the sub especially if I wasn’t sure of what is in it.

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I have an uncle that had nightmares for years. Nothing seemed helpful until he realized he had been having late-night meals before bed. Once he avoided having those meals, his nightmares disappeared.

I know this may not apply here, but it could help those in a similar case.

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