What Mandalas would be beneficial for my job?

I work with people that has serious Psychiatric problems. They can be calm, and for no reason they can get get aggressive sad or want to kill themselves or others. Its very stressful, and i want to in somehow succeed in helping the clients, and at the same time i need to shield myself. so that they dont attack or even think of it.
Any suggestions?

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Sounds like the chameleon protection Mandala is what you are looking for, here is the thread for that product https://forum.maitreyafields.com/t/digital-mandala-chameleon-protection/1529/1

And the product link: DM: Chameleon Protection - Energy Protection

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Thanks i will try it out on friday :pray:

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@Maitreya is there a Mandala from the Proffession series, that would suit forthis kind of job?

The ‘Teacher’ has some benefits.

I use The Art of Utilization a lot because I can download skills from past and future self, as well as parallel realities. Basically, it gives you access to everything that you need now.

I already got the Teacher, im going to use it with Chameleon tomorrow.
Interesting Mandala! Did you use the The art of Utilization by itself, is it necessary to keep it together with the Mandala manager and other Mandalas, if i download the skills for my job?

The Art of Utilization is my first-to-use when I need some skills. I like to work with myself. I noticed that I am more synchronized with this knowledge than when I use the ‘Speed Learning’ mandala and download it from teachers. There is an infinite amount of ‘you’ in the Universe, so 100% you’ve already mastered this in some reality.

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Thank you @Polaris

Send it to Light DM


WOW, this reminds me of the matrix, where they plugged you and you downloaded what skills they needed when they were plugged back into the system. Very Cool.

@Maitreya Thank you Can i put it in my mandala manager, or should I bring it with me in my pocket?
The chameleon, didn’t work as planned.
The person, I’m trying to help still lashed out.
Still seeking, the answer so the patients. Won’t attack me or hiurt themselves.
I work with some of the most extreme cases
But this approach was different, and i nerver thought using it​:pray::heart:

It’s better to print it and leave it somewhere so spirits can find their way back.
You might be attacked if patients are possessed. You bring light, so it might trigger them. However, not every psychiatric condition is demonic. What does your intuition say?

One of them, is for sure influenced by by evil. When i used Return to sender, she started talking with deep manly voice. And then she got scared, and wanted to the hospital. After that she avoids me, as much as she can. This new patient attacks people, a couple of times a day. These patients takes some of the strongest medications for anger and anxiety there is, but with no effect. So it hard to tell, i dont know if the medications/Drugs blocks the effect of the DMs?
Could Authority and Prestige aura help, im the person at work that takes care of the attacks, because of my character and strength. But its pretty demanding on my stress levels :sweat_smile:
The last 10years i have been working with people, Addicts, Criminals and depressed. But people with these problems are on a another level.

Wow, 10 years is a long time to deal with difficult people, and you moved into even more challenging. I hope you feel proud of yourself because you should.

My experience with possessed people is that drugs make them more vulnerable to being under the control of entities because they disconnect you from yourself. Also, I have huge trust issues when it comes to big pharma. When you accept medication, you allow whatever is in it to enter your body. If we can bless our food and change it’s structure, the other side can curse whatever they want.

Not every case is the same, and some people can benefit from medications, but only as a temporary solution. Like when you take painkillers to stop the pain. In the long term, it is harmful.

I found something much better. DM: GERALTTT
It has 3 additional options:
Activate Authority
Activate Superhuman Mode
Strike Fear

I would say to meditate with that. Examine your armour, practice with katanas every day. In a month, you will walk into the room, and demons will try to be as quiet as possible because you will be overwhelming. You can use Strike Fear when they attack you, and I tested this on demons a lot. The more you evolve energetically, the stronger this field will become. You can do your own upgrades. I used Divine Invocation to add a bit of layers to my armour.

Wow thanks for the advice. I already got the Geraltt, will try it out :pray:

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