What kind of mandala or energy audio can help me quickly enter and maintain a meditative state?

As titled.

Lambda State
Ideal State


Ideal state is the best choice!

Is the same as Buddha Consciousness - The Sphere, even fewer effects than that?

Reading from the description, one is gamma/ hypergamma and the other lambda. They can bring about the same effects but since I don’t have extensive experience with both, I can only hypothesize that Lambda has other unexplored benefits that is up to each practitioner to discover.

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Have you used ideal state? If so, what were your experiences? There aren’t much experiences in the thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have used ideal state for multiple things- putting me in a hyperfocused mode for work, a relaxed grounded state during family interactions, receptive state when I am listening to new concepts, creative state when I am looking to churn solutions. It has worked well for all, I have to experiment a bit more to understand the lag time between command and state access. Meditative states are mostly accessed by me without any mandalas; I do enjoy the practice of it, but sometimes with lambda+ alter perception of time.