DM: Epsilon Brain Waves

DM: Epsilon Brain Waves

Epsilon waves oscillate at a frequency of 0.1 – 0.5 HZ

The Epsilon waves are very low-frequency, below that of delta waves which start at 0.5Hz. To give you an idea of just how low that is, most electroencephalogram (EEG) devices are not able to measure below o.5 Hz.

The so-called Epsilon state is associated with ‘suspended animation’; a state where you’re alive but with no obvious signs – so no perceivable heartbeat, respiration or pulse. It is said that some yogis and meditation masters are able to achieve this state.


So the benefit of accessing the Epsilon state is purported to be an extraordinary state of consciousness, one of a much higher awareness, and perhaps one of suspended animation.


Excited to try this!!!


lol i need this to fake death


this is the last thing i will buy :sleepy:

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my mind is more flexible after print it

i felt weird in my sacral area & throat after wearing the mandala , can anyone explain ?

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I feel a slight boost on the root chakra, could be that.

This isn’t just to reach epsilon state. It helps the to sink faster down in meditation especially if you run dream’s delta/epsilon one.

There are some other functions that helps your body to reach a lower state, i feel like an increased of overall coherence and slightly grounding boost.

Thanks for making my/our request’s :slight_smile:


yes true :+1:

Does anyone have any knowledge of the epsilon mandala and what it could be used for? I don’t think it’s suitable to carry around with you all day. Could it be used to get into a more suggestive state that subliminal can be integrated faster and the like?

Epsilon is for very deep meditation state.
It’s good for sleeping too.
Dreamweaver enters that state to create to morphic fields.


So something you need to get into deeper meditation states.

It’s often called esdaile-state in hypnosis. You even can operate someone without pain if he is in that state.

To reach that state 30-40min or more without one single tought is necessary.

Oh, hardly manageable in a natural way if you haven’t meditated for decades. And can you do this with the mandala?

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Even when you don’t reach that state it still helps to reach a lower state. Deep delta meditation is still very powerful, and theta not bad actually.

Your native language is german, right?


You could run dreams epsilon with the mandala together and this one, he makes powerful binaural’s.


Ah sounds pretty interesting. Have to take a closer look at the whole thing

Im curious to try this one but i’m not sure if have more uses than meditation or it is just to use when meditating?

Being a mandala seems for a 24h use, but what is the purpose to be all day in an epsilon state?

Any experiences?



When carrying it, it will make our brainwaves lower and lower until epsilon, right

I’ve never carried this with me 24/7. I used this to meditate, but prefer Lambda. Let us know what results you get, I am quiet curious.

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