DM: Ideal State

A mandala to be in a chosen ideal state. When one wants/needs to be in a wanted ideal state and the perfect way for doing something, say “activate a state of ….” and will activate the ideal state of it.


Activate state of creativity: it will bring ideal creativity to the user to do creative work.

Activate state of willingness: For motivation and action.

Activate state of meditation: Perfect fast approach for meditating if you don’t feel ready but want to.

Can be used for anything positive, just use imagination…

Because sometimes we want to do something but we don’t feel ready to do it, it will help a lot to be ready to do it and keep doing it with the feeling to be in that state, which is quite subjective, so can get the best results.

Mandala will learn with time and work more adjusted to the user the more the user uses it.


Is the real price $111 or $177?

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This is so interesting to try, kinda booster for anything…perfect state to use maity mandalas!!!


111$ is the price


Even if we need a boost of energy and vitality when tired or fatigued, it will work?




I tried this, felt instant shift like more relaxed but not exactly that, maybe that’s why some people says fields integrate better in a relaxed state, but this gives something more than just relax, new feeling i cannot explain in words still

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Can I activate the state of enlightenment or satori with this mandala? Though I may not experience what it feels like to enter into enlightenment.

You won’t enter from the first time but with daily uses,
it will expand your consciousness more and more.


Bought it, very calming!
What would the command be like, if i were to boost Maitreya Mandalas with it?

Some examples:

  • the ideal state of myself utilizing the full potential of X mandala/Audio.
  • the ideal state of my full being utilizing the full potential of any Maitreya fields energetic tool.
  • the ideal state for integrating fully any Maitreya energetic tool.

Use your creativity… and have fun… unlimited options …


Could this be used to Astral Project or to enter Sleep Paralysis? (Note that Sleep Paralysis is not what most people think it is, it is only seen as scary because it’s deeply misunderstood. It can be used to easily enter other states including Astral Projection. If calm in Sleep Paralysis it is actually extremely positive.)

How we leave out a state we entered in?
Is this DM smart to do it by itself?

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I have one more question to add:

I bought both this and the Subconscious Connector. When saying a command for Ideal State would it be best to move the Subconscious Connector out of range so it doesn’t activate while inputting the command for Ideal State or would it be fine to keep them both in range and just add the ‘Stop’ for the Subconscious Connector (perhaps the two even compliment each other allowing the Subconscious Connector to make Ideal State commands more powerful)?

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Just change it to another state you want to be in.

@RiftDoctor They can work together.

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@Maitreya Can this work for someone else? Let’s say after an argument :slight_smile: I ask my gf, do you want to be in a positive mood and she answers “yes”.
Can i ask the Mandala " Activate state of positivity for Ana"?
With the person’s permission

I am really not sure about this, but i think it’s very possible. You should test and see this.
Let us know if this worked or not. :slight_smile:

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I have used this Mandala a few times a d it’s good.
I have tried mostly for meditation and to work and I think the most specific the state the better
I have used it for example saying “Activation of working while listening to music state”

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Hii, is this changing the state via the subconscious or how does this work? Theoretically the sub connector must be able to do the same work or not? Will try that :slight_smile:

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I am currently testing this on myself. Never thought about using the Connector for that. Let us know your results.
So far, Ideal State has helped me focus on finishing the task. I have been distracted by everyone and everything recently. I think it all depends on the intention. It will recognize your needs and what you expect from that state.

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