What field would you recommend for a subconscious blockage?

Hello Maitreya community,

If you have read my posts/comments, you know that I have been experiencing overload from fields for about a year. I do not listen to fields actively. When I give them a try after a month or two of rest, I experience negative symptoms from just one listen.
I recently spoke with a user here that was very helpful and provided me with a very thorough insight in my issues. I am starting to think that I may have created a subconscious blockage to listening to fields after experiencing my overload one year ago.
Which field would you recommend to tackle this? Revision? Subconscious reprogrammer? Subconscious belief clearing? Most importantly, I am expecting some kind of detox from this, because I know the Ego does not like it when beliefs are removed from the subconscious. Though I understand that some detox is probably inevitable, do any of these fields take care of Ego resistance as well to make the detox milder?
I don’t know what I would give to listen to a field and simply feel the benefits instead of a nasty headache, dizziness and fatigue. I would very much appreciate to read your thoughts. Thank you so much.

Maitreya’s subconcious limits removal or Sapien subconcious limits removal. But listen to the Ego dissolution before that

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Thank you. Maitreya’s audios work best for me. Does she have something similar to Ego Dissolution that you would recommend? I respect Sapien but somehow I get more overload from him.

I do not know toouch about Maitreya since I started listening to him/her recently. I use ego dissolution and it does work wonders.

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Do u think that pausing the audio amd them play it again will stop it from working? Sometimes i get disrupted so i have to pause the audio.

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For Ego:

I love this one; is soothing.

Subconscious Reprogrammer is my favourite tool in removing beliefs that might be blocking me from getting results from fields. Also is a great tool to get to know your own thoughts better, because is not standalone. You need to work with this field.


Most times, it’s not with subconscious blockage but our Aura and Nervous System strength. Grounding if, we experiencing overload of energy.

  1. Approaching Nirvana + Ego Detachment
  2. Limitless Good Karma Booster
  3. Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps and Quantum Booster
  4. Hara Line Harmonizer + Ascension Symptoms Relief
  5. Eternal Cleaner/ Neutralize Toxins and remove harmful substances (that can be blockage in your system)
  6. DNA Activation
  7. Grounding & Earthing
  • Work with Nervous system: Balanced Nervous System/ Dental healing even if you dont have any Dental Issue, it’s great support for Nervous System and, eye regeneration.