Recommendations for beginners

Hi everyone. I recently learned about morphemic fields and energy audio programs, so I’m a beginner. I did not find any tips or recommendations for beginners on the forum. If there is such a topic, then poke my nose there. If there is no such topic, then I think that it is needed. Tell me where to start, share your path. Thank you. Sorry for my English, I believe that with Maitreya it will soon be perfect.


Hello welcome my friend :relaxed:
If you have just discovered these things, i think you should first remove the subconscious limits, the biggest thing that prevents people from seeing results. and you have to be patient with the results. Our subconscious is resistant to change to protect us. There are different ways to overcome these limits, but to do this automatically, listen to this field 2-3 times a day as it is written in the description
Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube.


The things I would have liked to know when I started this journey:

*Drink enough water, even more than two liters, it helps to integrate the frequencies.

*Be patient, there are people who present results in days or weeks and others take months or even years. In my case it took four months to see results with my first stack of fields. Those results related to the mind usually take less time (21 days to a month on average).

*Physical results take longer to manifest themselves, there are many reasons, for example the body needs to produce new tissues.

*If there are no results it may be due to various factors but I consider that the two most important are:

  1. Limiting beliefs (you can listen to a field to clear the subconscious mind)

  2. Energetic blockages (you can hear a field for clearing physical, emotional and etheric bodies as the “eternal cleaner of Maitreya”).

Due to the above, I consider that it is better to start with a clearing protocol before trying other fields. After my first stack, I started a clearing protocol that took me three months, after clearing I noticed that I had more energy sensitivity and better energy integration (results manifest faster)

*Avoid overdoing it: It can be tempting to listen too many fields in one day, but in the end that will only slow down your results. It is also important to test how many fields you can listen to per day, you will only know that with trial and error because each person is different.

*This is like physical training, over time you develop a better integration capacity and you will be able to listen more fields.

*Finally, the boosters and the Maitreya storage field can be of great help on this journey.


This is so good. Thank you!

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Great advice, my friend. :100: What’s the next step? :blush:


Wow! Very valuable! But I still have questions. :blush: What does “clearing protocol” mean - listening to Limiting beliefs & the “eternal cleaner of Maitreya”? Do I need a break in listening between them and if so, how long?

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It is not necessary to do anything other than these recommendations. You are listening field about things you want to have :smiley:

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Clearing is a detoxification (it can be physical, emotional or mental). It is like cleaning a pipe, if the pipe is clogged with dirt the water will not flow well or simply will not flow. If you clean the pipe, the water will flow faster and better.

You should listen to the “Eternal cleaner” field before any other fields because it clears every energy in your aura, including that of the fields.

I like to use the “Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing” field with the “storage creator” field because the subconscious mind is active all the time and in this way you can maintain the effect of the subconscious field for longer (youtube storage field lasts 12 hr).

Maybe you could use “Eternal Cleaner” first in the morning, then storage “Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing” and then any other fields to achieve your goals. Or maybe, you could use only “Eternal cleaner” for two weeks, then you add “Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing” and then any other fields.

I forgot to mention that with the Eternal Cleaner you can present a healing crisis, if it happens do not panic, it is part of the detoxification process. Just drink lots of water, eat healthy meals and you can use Maitreya’s “Grounding” and “unconditional love” fields.


Thanks a lot :молиться: