Underrated fields

I always likes sapiens underrated field theard because sometimes we forget all the gems because of the new releases.

I think here it is fine to mention also other creators.

Which are the the most underrated energyfields in your opinion?

For me:

  • Buddha consciousness
  • 114 chakra
  • Higher self connection mandala (sapien)
  • Singing Your Soul
  • Automated Pranayama (sapien)
  • The transmission to return to source (sigh)
  • Magi Pendant (sapien)
  • Kriya yoga (sigh)
  • Blood charge / purifier in general from all good creators
  • Cortisol control
  • The sacred sanctuary (literally creates a vortex in your room, sapien)
  • Sapiens card system especially energy expansion
  • Knowledge fields

In this list, I would say Buddha consciousness and 114 Chakra are underrated.

I still remember first usage of 114 Chakra audio and different light appeared. It was so powerful but not mentioned in the forum.

For myself, I really like the music of eternal cleaner .

Healing chamber and universal cleaner should have more attentions too


Right, i should use it more.

Does it work too if you play when you are awake or does it work only good when you are asleep?


Also, buddha consciousness is my request and honestly i still cannot believe i never saw this from other energycreator…

To develop that kind of brainwavepattern can take around 30 years of meditation (without intention to influence it directly of course)


The Healing Chamber! I don’t see this amazing field being discussed much…


The free Sri Yantra field/DM by Maitreya should be one of the best and I have a feeling people are just sleeping on it. This field should do everything you want and need.


Can you give examples of the knowledge fields? Do you mean like the ones from maitreya like bruce lee knowledge and others? Or you mean from other creators too?

GY series
Art of utilization
Art of communication
Six perfections

And im very curious with body scan mandala, i guess have much more than the description.


I’m buddha-conscious but never really interested, maybe it’s time to test it.

I mean mainly maitreya’s knowledge field, like book knowledge, language downloader, knowledge from people (steiner, manly p hall, tesla, quantum physics etc…)

Osiris is definetly a very good one, that one put me instantly in good meditation states!


I feel like a silent updated version for this is very much needed.



The Healing Chamber! - I love this field. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s actually a good field for the storage!

(if you want permanent results you have to stick with it for a time of course)


Where i can find the free sri yantra field ?

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There actually was one created by DrVirtual7 about 10 years ago and its one if my absolute favorites called evolved mind. I may have to give this one a shot