What are your thoughts on this?

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The first is seed of life and second flower of life. you can find seed of life in flower of life.

Metatronic being as Anti-Christ is an unfounded statement. So is everything else.

If “negative aliens” were to have such powerful technology, they would have wiped us out by now while leaving the Earth intact so they could “parasitize earth’s life force”. Why bother controlling mankind in secret? It’s all a figment of their oversized imagination while blaming on some ET rather than themselves for not “ascending”.

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So is Maitreyas Alien consciousness trap DM, useless then? I understand what your saying but i think there is more to be seen. In other words I question those so quick to defend a belief sysytem and not at least be open to the possibility.

you don’t know what you’re saying if you think it all boils down to such simple arguments.

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I do not disregard it. There are entities that can attack you if you are on their radar. Such is the case when you enter Astral realms without protection.

If you studied sacred geometry, you know the flower of life is the opposite of daisy of death.
And mathematical number 10 is definitely NOT distortion of any kind.

So while I applaud you for staying open-minded, it’s also dangerous to stay so open-minded that you suck up anything which sounds complicated and highly advanced.

i know what i’m saying. i’m just pointing it out in the most simplest manner.
There’s no reason to spend 10hrs making a long 5 page post on this.
You’re welcome to believe it though.

Though I’m pretty sure Thoth is not an evil black magic mentor who teaches Aleister Crowley and negative aliens to stop you from ascending.

Well yeah, I don’t think so either.

For anyone who is curious about this, you can verify it for yourself.
I’m not intending to promote any channel here but please check out the morphic field of Flower of Life and see how much of a daisy of death it really is:


I’d be interested to know about @Maitreya opinion. She acknowledges alien consciousness traps and the maya illusion. I feel she has a Divine knowing.

Yes, it would be good to bring some confirmation.

To me, it’s really obvious.
But if you need an opinion from someone you respect, I hope you find your answer soon.
Though such an article is not worth it, in my opinion.

Respectfully, this would be a perfect example of an alien consciousness trap – taking a symbol and esoteric knowledge (that is not good or bad, it’s just how nature unfolds) and giving it a negative spin while keeping you confused, curious and fearful.

So in no way is it possible that you’re confused? I’m open to being wrong or right but i feel it may not be that black nor white.

Somehow I feel like you didn’t even read the article.
If you need me to prove it to you, then I’m sorry. I don’t have the time for that.

So I compiled every research related to that article. A simple google search. Figure it out.


In this specific case, and many other conspiracy theories, I am inclined to say this is mostly false. It may seem not as black or white, but this is the case of mixing some truths with untruths.

I thought this was a bit funny at first, but now I am perplexed that people really believe in this. And what do they got to show for it? No actual power, no understanding…nothing.

I know it may sound like I’m making blanket statements but this is coming from years of esoteric study, references, practical understanding, and experience.

I can tell you that Fibonacci sequence is not an AI energetic wave spiral that steals your energy and the Earth energy. That statement has no foundation in mathematics, pythagorean teachings, occult teachings, Bio-energy, or nature in general.

You’re telling me the spiral in my inner ear (cochlea)-- that I’m born with – is automatically sucking me dry to an extradimensional alien? No wonder I’m not ascending! I need to cut off the insides of my ear.

Look at these “inorganic, vampiric Alien Machinery and AI technology” parasitizing the earth’s life force. I didn’t know my energy has been sapped when I was born in my mother’s womb.

That explains everything! What have I been doing with Maitreya’s increase energy fields, knowing the Earth has been hijacked and draining my life force due to the Black Tree of Life!

It’s simply wrong. Fibonacci sequence is expansion.

A circle is self-sustaining like the Ouraborous snake eating its own tail. Cats and dogs who want to sustain energy sleep rolling up into a ball. If you do the same thing – which I have – you also increase energy as you sleep.

A spiral is a circle in motion as the lines expand outward forever. Thus, it represents expansion. Fibonacci sequence explains the pattern of unfolding never-ending pattern: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13. If you can shape this number, it looks like a spiral. If you take any two numbers, their ratio would be close to the Golden Ratio ( 1.6180339887 …) – an infinte, irrational and repeatable number. The Golden number. Phi (Φ,φ)

Is anyone disregarding Maitreya’s Face Golden Ratio or Body Golden Ratio audios? Does this simply go out the door? See for yourself.

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If one is not in their heart space it is more difficult to detect bs. I guess it’s a reminder for me to get more in tune with heart coherent intuition.

Thank you for detailed response

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