Grain of salt

Why you fk my head up with that dematerialize idea lol?

What if I told you there are beings in the void, and all of what we think is creation is simply them playing a game/test/experiment…?

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Tall grays?

Nope, the blonde and annoying type.

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I can see that actually, The pleidians are heavy in the Federation is why I stopped watching most of them.


Yes Yahweh is Kumara from what I have been told as well as Quan Yin.

I have Kumara Lineage too.

Sanat Kumara?

Thats Satan actually. Or Enki or lucifer or whatever the cutie is called now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yahweh is more of an aspect of Enlil.

wait… Maybe I have Yeshua and Yahweh mixed up?

You guys seem to have a lot of knowledge. Where would you get it from? I would like to know about that stuff myself too lol

Lol this part is funny to me also

Yeshua is either the incarnation of Enki, as a way to say “fk you” to his brother.

Hence the old vs new testament.

Old is Enlil, New is Enki.

Or a completely made up character/egregore as part of Enkis story or some random ET decided to get involved

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Have you tapped into the Cosmic Agency on Youtube?


I dont really use youtube lol

Only to check fields from Dreamweaver and Maitreya and maybe some ufc stuff

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There is dark and light on every level! Just do you know Samurai… I spoke to my girl about the alphas and we are gonna work in something for you.

this is a good start
not everything is true, but there is around 70% which is not bad



ask Thor or Odin to do it …

Did I really just publicly sponsor an assassination


Bahahhaa man are you gonna be surprised when you find out who Thor and Odin are based on.


Nice one tho

(hint : Same being/team/egregore aspect)

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But they are now trapped
But they will come out at the end of time


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Ahh ok thanks