What are etheric energetic cords ? And is it safe to cute them?

I would like to receive an answer from someone prudent enough here if is it safe to cut etheric cords ? Is it a permanent disconnection from something or if one day if I think about I will reconnect it this “something” ? So what if I become detached from people I have met and if I know them again or think about them will I re-connect again it a new cord ?

I’m making this post because it’s the only way I can get my etheric invasive information removed from fields by listening to How to neutralize effects of Wizard spells? - #97 by fool_of_a_man who recommended me to listen and assured me by deleting his account that it worked and now he is “anon” because he deleted his name from the system.

Yes it’s safe, it won’t harm your relationships with the people you care about, but it can drive away negative people, which is a good thing, new cords will always emerge, making the practice of cutting cords a habit is essential for those who move mainly with energy work, maybe others will be able to explain it better, but I believe everyone has a similar view.