Visualization tipps and hints


I’m training my visualization skills, did that on and off the last 4 years consciously, but never mastered it.

Do you have any tips, shortcuts, make it easier’s, eventually fields for support?

In the Moment I’m able to hear a voice that i imagine, when I’m very focused. Short unsharp pictures, too. But i can’t see very vivid, also can’t smell, feel or taste something.

I think i need that skill to actively work with nevilles teachnings. I started to use the decalcify pineal gland audio since a few days, because of many bad habits for many years. Could be a problem.

Will appreciate your insights! Have a nice sunday

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I would add this Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

You can dedicate one day to one colour. Tomorrow, pay attention only to red. Try to find as much red around you as possible. Before sleep, close your eyes and create a red object. Because you have attuned yourself to the red colour, it will be easier for you to imagine precise objects. Change them, but keep them red. Next day, another colour. You can go with chakra order, that will help you to balance your energy centre.


Thank you!

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You could also try a technique called “image streaming”, you can google it, you will find explanations in german, if you want.

What it is, it’s basically describing an image out loud to a external object, it can be a person, or your smartphone or something else. The describing makes it more vivid.

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Thanks! Will look into it