How deep we can get with meditiation?

hey all

i wondering how you expirience medititation
do you see things?
how long you work to get the deep state when the mind shutdown
how far we can go with it ?

about me:
im trainig meditetion some times in the last 2 years
i see very intresting visuals when i go deep
sometimes i see kind of a ancient language on walls
i see shades of blue and shapes
today it was i saw strong yellow/green
and renctly trained myself to direct my energy to organs for healing

will love to learn more and hear your expirince’s!

once had a visual that feels like reality almost
after a while i saw a eye closing and it was The eye through which I saw then it ends :open_mouth:


Thank you for sharing this. I think the more you ascend, the more you can see. At least it was that in my case. When I go back in time when, I’ve unlocked my vision again, I could see only things/beings that were at this level. Then you go up, and can see more.
I can see symbols/things without deep state now. I also use Akashic Records audio for meditation a lot. I go deeper faster. I was afraid to try this one for a while, as I feel this field super strongly. But it’s like a booster in meditation.