Vegvísir - The Pathfinder

This field is based on the Icelandic magical stave Vegvisir, commonly known as ‘The Viking Compass’ or the Pathfinder. It was described in the Huld Manuscript as a sign that guides the traveler in difficult circumstances and assures safe arrival. The description in the manuscript of its purpose is: “If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.” Initially, the stave was used only to literally lead the traveler in rough sea and unfamiliar land, but this field has some important upgrades for the modern world. It will guide you not only in unknown surroundings, but also in life. It will help you get out of difficult situations in the best possible way, guide you to find the best opportunities for you in every area of your life, including personal and love life, career, meeting the right people, finding the right home, and making the best choices.

Audio effects are around 24 hours. You can get the Digital Mandala which is boosted and works 24/7 from here: DM: Vegvísir - The Pathfinder - MaitreyaFields


Wow, seems amazing, thank you Maitreya!

…Sometimes i get undecided in the sea of infinite possibilities :ocean::ocean::ocean::ship::ship::ship:


Interesting description, but it seems to me that all of these benefits are already granted by the Higher Purpose mandala, are they not?

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Similar but different. This is not controlled by the higher self but guided by an outside Influence. Higher purpose will change you where this one will open the door for you. Seems like this one will create the path where the higher purpose will make you walk a specific path.


Honestly I’m more drawn to this angle


Yes, like next level :smiley:

What happens if we use the Higher Purpose energy + the Pathfinder energy? Will the higher purpose energy always cause us to ignore certain paths opened to us by the Pathfinder energy, in order to always take the specific path of the higher purpose energy (of course, this could imply that the two fields are in conflict with each other, although I doubt that they are in conflict). I think it would be a good combo to benefit from these two types of energies, a bit like a problem, several opportunities (related to this problem) open up, and the higher self pushes us on the best opportunity of all.

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Sounds to me like you still have much to learn about the Higher Self.

Maybe it helps to get some kind of re-confirmation


One of the differences is that Vegvisir is used for thousands of years and it has built a very strong egregor. Also, it doesn’t include the part with the Higher Self.

Higher Selves are not always agreeing with the things we want to experience here. They have sometimes different plans for us, like some parents.

Most of the times is good to listen to your HS, but I am not a fan of 100% listening.
He is chasing to learn stuff, virtues, to evolve the soul, BUT he doesn’t care how this will be made. Those lessons can be very rough for Earth plane.


Thank you Maitreya, you confirmed the same thoughts I had.


some might wonder if your soul, your higher self and yourself are not one and the same person, but intervening at different levels, and therefore have the same will.


All I’m wondering is, when you say the audio form lasts 24 hours, does that mean one listen, or 2-3? Lol

Is this field like having half of the life coach DM? Descriptions seems like it’s Life Coach without the clearing and removing. Just the finding part. Trying to choose between the two right now.

Lol every time I think about my question I feel like I can just feel an exaggerated Maitreya in my head going "IT FREAKING DEPENDS



I kid

Also just to feel like I closed my end of things here I’ll just say I’m going the 2-3 times route, personally, whenever I’m using this. Don’t particularly mind doing so, anyhow

This is a great idea and I am glad its accessible for free :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have an idea if this one will work together with manifestation fields (rnote,Rshifter etc)

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This field does not clash with the manifestation fields, so yes you can use them together and find a nifty way for them to reinforce each other.


How does the field decide what’s ‘best’ though, is it in accordance with what the higher self wants?

hey this one is like best action and best path you should chose to reach your goal :smiley:

i once tried this and get out of that situation like a winner :grin:


Nice! Thanks for sharing! i will try this one.