The Philosopher / Energetically Programmed Audio

This field has been created to give you the vibration of the qualities that great thinkers and philosophers have, which enables them to see the world clearly, in a non-conventional way, beyond the common views and understanding of their contemporaries. It gives you the pure essence of intelligence. The field includes energetic knowledge about the world, colors, numbers, and symbols. In addition, the field will give you the subconscious knowledge of symbols and their meaning and allow you to understand your environment and the events around you and in the world much better. It will help you see the messages and even the commands being sent to you via various means i.e. movies, music, politics, etc., and understand their meaning and the agenda behind them.

Digital Mandala:


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What was the inspiration behind the creation of this field?

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The hidden motivation or inspiration of this field is to give a lot of knowledge to people so that they can awaken more easily and quickly to the modern matrix and the manipulations in it. I won’t mention which ones, but let’s say that the “elite” use all these codes that we have described in the field (colors, symbols, signs) in impure ways that send to the subconscious of the person “call-to-action” type commands directing make them perform unconscious actions in their lives and activate in them unwanted subconscious reactions to “reality”.

The field clears all earthly and illusory encodings and gives man the Creator’s blueprint for the true meaning of these symbols through which the subconscious deciphers the information it is being fed and what to do with it.

Apart from this, the field works to increase the intelligence and alertness of the person so as to ensure greater alertness. This involves expanding consciousness and removing limiting beliefs from the collective consciousness that have been instilled into the human mind in various ways - television, music, movies, advertisements, hidden messages, and more.

This is what motivated me to make this field. The main idea remains the change of thinking and teaching the mind to be more plastic and observe many different points of view and perspectives from all points of view. No specification in the way of thinking, but as a built-in quality to increase the quality of sound judgment, adequacy, and intelligence in one.

And last but not least, I will talk about the even better benefits of the field - When a person receives the pure essence and vibration of all the numbers and flowers within him, then this could turn his destiny in many positive ways. For example, each color is an energy code containing loads of information, qualities, and virtues. Man, integrating different colors in himself, integrates the corresponding qualities and virtues of this color. The same goes for numbers.


Dear @Maitreya Maitreya! I would like to ask you personally about The Pilosopher field. I have plans to buy many fields (unfortunately, soon I will not be able to take advantage of the discount from Patreon, but I will wait for other sales, but for now I will try to buy those that I have time to cancel this promo code), and, frankly, the field I wasn’t going to buy “Philosopher”. However, I noticed your description of this field on the forum. You said that this is where you started. Do I understand correctly that this field is one of the main ones? And deals with the pure perception of this world. It seems to me that this field is underestimated, since it is not popular, and many people have the idea of ​​the word “philosopher” as something divorced from life.

However, it seemed interesting to me that through flowers and numbers (I read about this in a book by a Russian professor Vladimir Zaznobin, about the influence of the real “elite” - which are hidden - through symbols - which carry concepts behind them in a compressed form, in the form of visual images), and other methods, the encoding of information is transmitted and you can change your view of the world.

Is this also where you started?
Tell me, what effects can appear, among those that are main? How can I understand that my view of the world has changed and how long does it take for this field to integrate into my aura?

P.S. And I printed out the mandalas and placed them in my phone case. Now I bought MMv2 and am trying to use it remotely, placing it in a separate folder on the computer and, I hope, it works - since only a few days have passed, I talked to the mandala manager, and activated it as indicated on the forum. Unusual sensations. Sometimes, the thought that I’m going a little “crazy”, in terms of when I talk to the mandala - about activating other mandalas to influence me - at the same time, I understand that the people around me don’t do that. :slight_smile:

Here are some key elements that a person seeking spiritual awakening and liberation from the “matrix” should know: numbers and their vibrations, colors and their vibrations, symbols, and finally, planets. The energies embedded in people through numbers and colors can fundamentally transform their being, down to the soul, due to the specific nature of these vibrations, which are correct, harmonious, and aligned with the way the universe is constructed. Possessing these vibrations leads to the development of virtues within a person, and the more virtues one has and the stronger they are, the more a person learns how to manipulate reality and the material world. Finally, the planets, with specific knowledge about them, can be used to tap into their energy and flow, allowing one to have even greater control over reality and their inner world.

It can be said that all these elements form a foundation, which I continue to study and explore to this day, interested in their effects and potential applications.

This field is like receiving the “alphabet,” and what you write with it depends on your path, capacity, and purpose for being here on Earth. For each person, this knowledge will manifest differently, according to their natal chart and the planetary alignments for their current life program.

If you don’t want to be like everyone else and have your own impulses—follow them. Everyone’s path is different, and some “extraterrestrials” have come in human bodies to make changes to the rigid structure of Earth. So… follow your impulses. :slight_smile: