DM: The Finder

Imagine yourself as a boss and this field as a worker. Give it command to find you the stuff you need. It can be an opportunity, your keys, the answers for your school tests, or your grandma’s lost necklace.

Don’t put any emotions into it, just tell the field what you wanna be found for you.

If you do it right without putting any effort, it will bring the stuff you want very fast.

How does this work? It just downloads the information from your subconscious mind and puts your attention there so you can start seeing it. And also draws opportunities that are out of your life to you effortlessly.


Very interesting indeed. I love the angle


That’s a very good idea, but I am already good at finding things. I just wander around the internet or in real life while thinking about what I want and I find things very easily. I just go with the flow and things that I desire appear. It’s strange and amazing how I find anything so easily. I also easily find my way out when I get lost in any way.


I’m pretty much the same way but I’ve lost a few items recently and I can’t for the life of me remember the exact occurrence of when or where or how. But I’m actually very lucky and the guy that most people come to when they’re trying to find something or do some type of research and it seems to pop up for me.


Lost the 40gram version of this!!!


So I would state simply.

Show me where merlin power stone is.


Wow! Can you explain more about how this works? What you can do with it?

i have a hard time believing it my mind knows it’s true but my brain doesn’t wanna believe … lol.

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The stone is crafted by Jason who works very close with Merlin. It is a stone with massive presence and will bring you whatever you may desire along your path. I am very upset that it has gone missing… Sad face :eyes:… It was one of my favorite tools for many energy protocols.

Healing, manifestation, spiritual transformation you name it that stone can do it.


does the size matter? :grin:


Not really but I go hard in most cases. But more bigger more power you know. Depends on your level. I require massive amounts of Influence for the work I take on so yeah.


I’ll heart that


I’m getting some quick results with this DM and like it a lot. It’s giving me a more complete clearing experience than I’ve ever felt before. Also, experiencing a strong focus on stuff I wanted to Find that requires more attention. Find results so far are significant improvement with a health issue I’ve been dealing with, and also aspects of Trading Fury. I’ll elaborate more on the latter in that thread soon.
This is a fun field with lots of potential - thanks for this @Maitreya !


I haven’t bought this yet, but I’m already generating ideas for commands, such as, ‘help me find a way to become more patient’ or ‘help me find the most effective clearing audio for me’.


@Onapath sounds awesome, please share some tips on how youre using the mandala. :pray:

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I’m just using it as described…stated an intention to Find a result that I wanted. For the health issue, I held the DM and said something like “Find a physical /mental fix for ‘issue’ and implement it now and make it permanent”. Positive results occurred in less than a day. For Trading, I asked it to Find many highly profitable trading setups, and find the focus and fearlessness to trade those setups.
Yesterday was an easy trading day with many setups, but today was not at all and I entered against my rules and went into immediate drawdown, but I had a strong sense of where price would reverse and I entered again there and closed in profit.
I’ve also asked to find and implement a way to stop my self-sabotage. :grin:
My words are kind of clumsy, but we know that intent is everything.
The clearing was very unexpected - I really felt it after a few hours, and feels like it is continuing.
Forgot to add - after stating the Find intention I let it go and did not think about it again until I started seeing results.
Hope this helps.


Absolutely does, thanks @Onapath


Interesting for find life answers?


Yes, for this too,
it will attract situations and people to show you what you wanna know,
like you are on theatre. :slight_smile: … or book, or song, just watch carefully what you wished to know.


Thank you :heart:

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