Vegan Protein audio during water/juice fasting

Hi guys.

Please excuse my ignorance I am just new to all these.
Every Summer I go into fasting for several times. This Summer I find myself low on muscle mass and my protein intake has been lowered dramatically as I also switched to vegan diet.

I have been skeptic to go into a fasting as it will reduce my muscle mass even more. I found the vegan protein audio and I was wondering a) if it really works (someone who have been using it to verify), b) if it will somehow be breaking the fasting in terms of the body’s function to go into fasting but also “being provided” protein.

I am going to give it a try but I would love to hear if someone can provide an answer to any of these. I have been trying to gain some mass at a lot of effort with very little results and would be a shame to destroy a month’s effort in a 7 days fasting.