Varicocele Healing + Amazing Sex Life (Patreon Exclusive)

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Varicocele healing + Amazing sex life

From the Custom Requests :slight_smile:

  • Varicocele healing

  • Last extremely long in sex

  • Complete genital health

  • Healthy libido

  • Big testicles

  • Pump massive amounts of sperm

  • Massive semen production

  • Long ejaculation

  • Healthy sperm

  • added beliefs for great sexual life

Can we get this without the Varicocele healing? Or can you use this even if you do not have Varicocele?


I have used it even though I didn’t need healing. No negative effects outside of serious weight down there. I think Brahmacarya God is better because of the microcosmic orbit and SR/Jingx5 + Absorption. Using this just keeps the energy down there if you get me. I guess it’s good if you like feeling “heavy”

And the subconcious changes are good/effective


Thank you. All these benefits are what I am looking for but I was not sure if I should use it without having the Varicocele. Someone asked the same question on Patreon and I wasn’t sure on the answer but it sounded like maybe you shouldn’t. Thought I would seek clarification from the forum.

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