Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing

This field will remove all subconscious sabotaging beliefs that are hindering you from success in all areas of your life. Self esteem, self love, self confidence, work, friendship, love life and many other will fall away as they are not serving you anymore. You will start to feel limitless (which is true 100%) and act in life with pure consciousness and authenticity.


When Should we See results from this?



With all of these fields being released like Universal Cleaner, what are the differences between them?

The descriptions seem to be running together for me.

Hey @Maitreya

Thanks for this amazing field.

Can you share a bit more about the field compared to the Subconscious reprogrammer(Which was manual) apart from this one being automatic?

It took you a long time to make a field like this. I’ve tried similar fields from Sapien and Spirituality zone. Just wanted to know how this is different and the effects of it.


Isn’t is obvious what the difference is and what it does…?

Cmon man…

Its literally in the title.

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I’ve read the title.

Other producer have said similar things. I wanted to know how this one is different. That’s all.


The difference is this one actually works :wink:


Can i use this with Subconcious Reprogrammer v1 ?

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It looks good as a base/key for any other audio to achieve anything, thanks.


Yes, why not?

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What should i say. I should say “Hey subconcious, please install beliefs from this audio” or should i say " delete those beliefs in this audio "

is clearing a lot more stuff and energy implants, etc.
Read the description. Difference is huge.

Just play it. I made them in proper way in Beliefs Clearing Audio.


Just to confirm, Universal Cleaner does all this and more correct?

Looped this last night after it dropped. Also had Universal Cleaner, remove neg energy, trauma release… Holy moly new man today!


My bank balance is gonna love you Maitreya :heart:

Can’t wait for the Gumroad version


I think she/he means that the beliefs he installs might get wiped off

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Yes, and they are different stuff. :smiley:

Universal Clearing have a lot more stuff that are not in Beliefs Clearing field, like:
offensive energies, including curses, entities, cording, post-hypnotic suggestions, saboteurs, implants, energy weapons, mental energies, including will-to-die energies, broadcast messages, despair anchors, images, black boxes… etc.


Nah, only sabotaging ones.
These that serve you won’t be removed.


Dear @Maitreya, if I use Universal Clearing, is there any other clearing field that you recommend to use from your list, or is this the only field we need (in addition to perhaps subconscious clearing) :pray:

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