Trying to manually draw back your energy from human parasite🤷‍♂️

So my dad is kind of a fake creep who I just get feel drained by and notice that he gets uber energetic full of himself when he is around me. Sooo I tried to draw back MY energy when he sat down next to me and… well I felt like pulled in something I didn’t want and well… I now feel hot and not like I’m as sovereign as I was before… not a great plan I take it. Any help or advice would (as usual) would be very much appreciated 😮‍💨

We have given you many tools to effectively work through the situation you are in. Why would you try to manually do this yourself? Have you received any specialized training in energy work or spiritual matters?


Well no😬😮‍💨 I was just impatient and the fields weren’t responding no matter how much I’ve used them… I have lil idea of what did… I feel like someone who got bullied to point where takes the wrong matters into his own hands… This is going to take some special work huh😔

I’m afraid to go to sleep now… idk man

You should also ask these questions over on Sapien’s forum. I’m sure there has/was people that have been in your exact situation over there.

You were expecting to reverse a massive, long term problem in a couple days? Think logically about your situation for a moment. If you don’t know how to fix this yourself and you don’t have access to expert help from a master, then why would you think you could get nearly instant results?

The tools you’ve been suggested to use are sophisticated and effective, but they are just that - tools. Tools have to be put to use to either repair or build anew.

I know I’m being a bit harsh, but this is tough love meant entirely to get your attention and get you back to health as quickly as possible. Here on the forum, we’re not able to work with you in person, so best we can do is tell you to try something, then see how you respond and hopefully make better suggestions based on your feedback…not exactly a winning formula for resolving complex problems.

It’s like trying to get a surgical consultation for a terminal issue by texting your doctor. When you don’t get better in a week, you try the surgery yourself and as expected, get worse.

Yes, it is.

If you need fast results that are of high quality, then you’ll have to spend money (it’s an old saying: cheap, fast, good - pick two). For your situation, I strongly, STRONGLY recommend you purchase a session with Brenda at Services - The Elders Three. Brenda is a master at situations like yours and will be able to help you get results quickly, if you’re able to work with her.

Good luck.


Thanks my friend… Your 100% You trust this woman to… exorcise me or whatever?? I know of Sonic but… she apparently removed my j seals but I only have had second hand knowledge of this sort of thing. A petty dabbler…😮‍💨 People selectively tell me things about what I ask like it’s something to be worthy of understanding.:man_shrugging::pray:

Yes. Feel free to search for Brenda on Sapien’s forum to see the high praise she receives from others.


Brother I spoke to her just now and she helped me out a bunch!.. Thank you!!!:pray::heart:


Brenda is one of the best.


what tools are theres i want to have a quick look

Even if you don’t buy the tools, you just need to regularly do these. I do them every day and they help a lot, like LOT in everything.


Thanks brother. Truly… I’ll do whatever I can… Brenda… is she the highly recommended psychic I heard about?

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Yes, she is wonderful. Her website is


The OP started several threads all asking for help with various parts of his situation. I was referring to the suggestions we had given him in his other threads.


Spoke with her a couple weeks ago after @NotFrank offered the same great advice. In short she cleaned me mostly out and gave me a few… upgrades to boot!! It’s still a little bit of a work in progress but mostly all better. Can’t thank everybody here enough.:heart::pray:

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