Trouble at work

Hey, so this isn’t something i know or like to bring up but my livelihood is in trouble it seems snd its all because of my inability to flirt w the girls i work with. Im chef at city (psudo) gastropub and theres great energy there but it seems that im kind of a heart throb w this james dean/ dean Winchester personality and its become a wreck or hazard because these women want me to talk to them… problem has been that I wanted to be financially stable before i try but i never learned how to just stay quiet but still respectful and fun. I like all the chicks who work there but my coworkers act like im bringing down the house and the servers/bartender that want me to ask them out ot whatever are being hurt and seem flustered hence the unspoken drama. People look at me as a leader and im still a little new but ive lost jobs before because i didn’t know how to just play it cool and be friends. Usually i treat them like a neighborhood cat and just keep it moving but thats got people and my wannabe stoic persona suffering because i haven’t been able to say what truly feel. The other chefs are bad boys but know that something needs to give.

You might find this useful if you want to learn how to deal with other people, not only in a romantic way. Diplomacy is an art, and it’s useful in every environment.


I would also add these two fields:
Magnificent Presence + Empathic synchronization
and maybe The Profiler
combined with the social field they should make it easier for you to vibe with people without creating any bad blood.