Natural work flirt field suggestions?

Just wondering if maybe there is a best field for bypassing the awkwardness of not really knowing someone (anywhere) and starting with a well adapting friendship/love interest flirty stage. I don’t have much time or ability outside of the bars to meet or warm up to women so it’s the few brief moments at the job or wherever to try and be comfortable and spontaneous enough to meet someone. But being so busy the girls who may like me are left(embarrassingly😔) in wondering when this dude is gona make a move. Starting a brief conversation and making them feel comfortable via a moment to moment connection is mostly what this guy wants but it’s difficult to do that naturally so any field suggestions maybe? Not trying to fake it til I make it, but want to make real lasting things with nice people who want the same. Thanks everyone!

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Sacral chakra. That’s all it takes. Base they’ll flirt with you. Sacral you’ll flirt with them. Solar you’ll be great friend zone material. Heart you’ll be seen as the nice guy.


Words of wisdom, Loid. Thanks :v::beers:

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Just be yourself and stop pressing the issue. The natural way is best. I have literally zero fear with women and I have tried all angles. Just be yourself and what is in the cards will play itself out. I would say if anything work on self confidence and self worth and you can conquer any obstacle in life. Play your game not the game of others who in all reality are just a fractal of YOU!

Little tip: when you are out of sorts and you feel that things are not lining up the way you perceived say this. " This is my Reality" repeat that a few times till it sinks in and notice the shift. Works for me Everytime :grin: