The Violet Flame

This field uses the power of the Violet Flame (also known as the 7th Ray or St. Germain’s Holy Fire) to transmute all forms of negativity, limitation, and blockages in your life - it can be used consciously, by focusing on what you wish to transmute, then by stating or intending “Violet Flame Activate” or “Transmute this (feeling/emotion) with the Violet Flame”.

The Violet Flame is not just a ray or beam of light, it is much more than that. It not only cleanses you but also accelerates and enhances one’s spiritual development, can be used for physical healing, emotional healing, and improves relationships. It transmutes negative into positive, revitalizing and restoring your energy field. The roots of many diseases, negative thoughts, and feelings lie deeper in our emotional and mental body states; the Violet Flame with the power of its transmutation and transformation provides us an easy platform to heal all these issues and problems.

While anyone has the power to invoke and utilize the Violet Flame on their own, this field creates a connection with your conscious, subconscious, and Higher Self to constantly monitor and clear/transmute any negative emotions or energies in your life, and in your auric field - and can also be used with your intention, without the need for any visualization or repetition of mantras or decrees to activate it.

Digital Mandala:


excellent, thank you very much. We are still waiting for the other mandalas of sacred flames.


Can transmute love to hate, and vice versa?

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All energy colors have a flame variant. Light is 1st Density energy & Fire is 2nd Density energy (love is 4th, Wisdom is 5th, Unity is 6th…). So, if you think of energies in terms of colors, all colors of fire exist as well - including the colors of the light spectrum we can’t see as humans.

Fire as a category of energy is about changing from what should not be to what should. It burns away that which hinders that color of light from being experienced.

Purple, or violet, energy is about insight (think spiritual perception - third eye chakra). The reason it can do the things listed in the description is because it provides the insight necessary for them to come about. So, Purple Fire would burn away whatever prevents you from receiving insight - incredibly useful!

As humans, we’re all in at least 3rd Density currently, so we have already mastered the Fire energies of whatever color track each of us are on (can’t be in 3rd Density unless you’ve already moved through 1st & 2nd). While you wait for Maitreya to make her tools, try to call upon the fire energies yourself by asking to receive them.

Hope this helps!


Not exactly, not directly. If the key insight you need to move from hate to love is being suppressed/blocked/hidden/etc. from you, it can burn that away, thus allowing the insight to flow.


thankyou very much for your comment. I’ve done a lot of work with the Sacred Flames in the past, and that’s why I’m looking forward to being able to purchase these fields.the ideal will be that maitreya makes a very large number of colors (or sacred rays) .


Thank you :smiley:


I will begin to use this one, anyone has any experience with it?

Violet is not crown chakra?

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Crown Chakra is white.


Ok thanks, many confusion with information around

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What would be the difference between this one with the divine truth to get clarity on a personal path or other personal questions one must discover from inside?

Well, insight, clarity, & truth energies are all different & have their own unique applications.

Insight is like information that pops up out of nowhere that you would not have otherwise known. It’s like, you have no idea where to look and all of a sudden you look exactly at what you need. A friend of mine works with purple energies and any time we get stumped and don’t know what to do next in our spiritual work, he always is able to use insight energies to find the missing piece and it’s almost always something we would have not been able to discover otherwise.

Clarity is bringing things into focus, so you can clearly see & perceive. Clarity energies remove any obfuscation, blurring, or shrouding of something. So say insight helped you find what you were looking for, but others have intentionally tried to hide it so it couldn’t be found. Well, then you could send in the clarity energy to reveal it fully.

Truth energies remove any deception & falsehood, making the truth of the matter known without question. When the light of truth shines, there can be no question, nor is there any room for hiding or changing that truth. So, insight helped you find what you needed, clarity made it clear, and you can then use the truth energies to verify it is in fact what you need, is fully clear, you are not being deceived about it, etc.

Make sense?


This is my most favorite field like ever!

When I listen to it, I have seen many things … headaches gone, heaviness gone, a general feeling of lightness, happiness without any specific reason. If I listen to this field, it feels like life is easy and carefree. Thanks @Maitreya


Thank you

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Heyy guys I have the mandala can I just tell it to stay around me indefinitely?

What do you mean with this?

Excuse me. The effect in the description, how long does it last if I use it once, 24 hours?

Can it be a permanent effect?

I’m basically saying I have this mandala. If I don’t want to consciously think about using it Could I just simply intend for the violet flame to transmute negativity in my field forever? Cause I constantly forget to use it in that way.

based on the description, this can also work automatically (Higher self controlled) , as long as the mandala is near you