The Lunar Cycle Workbook, Use the Power of the Moon to Manifest

This workbook by Maitreya Fields combines the power of inner work and self-inquiry with the support of a Digital Mandala, an energetically programmed image, to help you achieve fast and groundbreaking results. Use the workbook daily to reflect upon your desires, dreams, goals and what you feel prevents you from achieving them and your life will be transformed in as little as 90 days. Use the New and Waxing Moon power to grow your dreams and build your plans and a Waning Moon to clear all that obstructs you. The Planner has been programmed to automatically clear all blockages you discover in yourself and write down in the appropriate section and boost the plans, goals and dreams you intend to manifest, while charging you with unconditional love.

The workbook contains two versions of the Lunar Cycle calendar, for your convenience, so you can easily determine the phase of the Moon. For women who wish to track their menstrual cycle, there is a tracker sheet as well. The Digital Mandala, the energetically programmed image, is on the third page so you can either keep it as is if you are going to use the workbook electronically or print it and keep it close to you. An explanation of the effects of the Moon phases and 31 sheets of each of the two parts of the process-manifesting and clearing follow, so you can easily complete a month of life changing and transformative inner work.


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