Moon Cycle Balance -Menstrual Comfort Energetically Programmed T-Shirt Dress and a Pendant

Menstrual Comfort Field

This field has been created with the intention of alleviating menstrual discomfort. We discovered that menstrual pain has to do with subconscious blockages and past trauma and wrong belief about oneself, such as not being worthy as a woman, not being strong enough, feelings of vulnerability, attempting to be too strong, and doing it all without the help of others as well as other beliefs connected to old social and religious views of women.

This pendant has been designed with a mandala that is energetically programmed with the divine viewpoint of womanhood and your individual identity as a cherished daughter of the divine. It eradicates any outdated religious notions that you or your ancestors might have had, such as women being lesser beings, the necessity of female suffering, or the narrative that Eve’s actions led to the banishment from paradise, hence passing on guilt to all women. It uproots any beliefs that were disparaging towards women.

It pours into you a profound sense of divine love specifically for women, and particularly for you. It provides your body with the information required for optimal functioning, thereby enabling smooth and painless menstrual cycles. It also imbues feelings of security, the ability to ask for assistance when needed, and the assurance of receiving it effortlessly. In addition, it imparts a sense of being deeply loved and cared for.

.: Zinc alloy pendant and necklace chain
.: Ellipse-shaped pendant
.: White aluminum print surface
It can not be used in water or while showering.


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Unique style requires a custom touch, and this t-shirt dress is here to deliver on both fronts. The spinner t-shirt dress is 100% made with organic, ring-spun, combed cotton for that luxuriously comfy feeling. With a medium fit and a set-in sleeve, it makes for a highly fashionable choice for any casual outing.
NB! Please note that EU-based Print Providers use European sizes.
.: 100% Organic combed ring spun cotton
.: Light fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²))
.: Medium Fit
.: Set-in sleeve
.: Sewn-in label

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Are these meant to be worn only during your period or all the time?

I would wear it for a while, let the moon cycle harmonize, and give a bit of time to change beliefs. I’m wondering if this would help with PMS rage and fury :laughing: and that annoying overeating :laughing:
But I agree there is a link between menstruation pain, energy blockages, and wrong beliefs. Every woman in my family suffered a lot.

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The original idea was to use it during period, but I think Nymtaar is right, why wait for the period, when you can use that beforehand and not wait until the pain comes. It may well help for mood swings and other unpleasant feelings if they are related to the root causes this field addresses.

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