The creator

Hi everyone, the last few days i thought about how to connect directly and fast and meditate with the creator of all that is. I have no really clue who or what the creator of all that is really is and how to do that right. On what do i have to focus on while meditation? Which field can assist best in this topic? Do i only have to state my intention and observe? I don’t know.

Would be nice to hear your experiences :slight_smile: have a nice day


You can find the Creator inside you. Some people call this the Source. There is no rule for that. Just follow your intuition. It’s like coming back to the centre of the creation, pure love, where you feel absolutely perfect just the way you are.
I remember the first time when I reached this state. I meditated with a pink stone. Focused on my heart centre and love. Then I felt like pure light flood my whole body from the inside, not the outside. I cried with joy. I’ve never felt so accepted, so good. I felt pure and perfect, connected. When I opened my eyes, the crystal wasn’t pink but pure white. I was very grateful for this sign.


listen to this whole bhagwath katha , its very important for you.everything you need to know exists in this video !! find out !


Thank you