Suggestion: Audio for ascension symptoms

I’ve been having a lot of ascension symptoms and it’s pretty uncomfortable. I’ve went to doctors and had procedure but they couldn’t find anything.

I’ve had many of these symptoms

A field to ease the discomfort would be a relief.


What worked for me was resting enough, reminding myself that it is temporary, drinking plenty of water, eat more veggies and doing yoga. From time to time I have a healing crisis (it only lasts 1 day or 2), and what I do is also listen to Maitreya’s unconditional love and grounding fields.


I have also had it, I go to the doctor and they say it’s nothing.

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same, I had procedures done and they can’t find anything.

It seems that it gets worse the more time that passes and it never ends, I practically don’t have any more erections, so strange.