Advice for difficulties with fluctuating body temperature

Hmm, so I’ve been dealing with some exaggerated body responses to external temperature changes.
Like on a warm summer day hit by a slightly cooler breeze (doesn’t even have to be cool just the air touching my skin) my body seems to percieve it as total coldness, start shivering to get my temperature up. Or if standing near a lit lightbulb I start to sweat and almost want to walk away from it and sit down and rest.
Used to love hot showers, still do, but water temperature that’s been fine all my life is percieved as pain.

Been thinking this condition was a covid sequele as all this started after cold/ influenza. Never bothered to test myself just assuming I at some point must have had it wheater feeling sick or not.
Regardless, I’ve tried to heal this throgh different angles: endocrine system, nervous system, parasite detox… so weird.
Even slightly raised emotions makes me feel extremely hot like thinking of something fun, nice or whatever.
My body is simply overreacting to external and internal stimuli.
Today I came to think of a period of time when I first started to have ascension symtoms. An almost painful jolt in the body followed by av heat wave going upwards in the body. At that time also panic attacks, feeling intense fear and ego dissolution.
No panic or fear now but this feels like a similar experience.
So will try the Ascension Symtoms Relief field and see how it goes.

My question to the forum is: anyone experienced something similar and if you got rid of or smoothed it out, what helped? Fields or other solutions?

Very grateful for any kind of advice…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks like a healing crisis to me. If that would be only flu you wouldn’t be so emotional. Sleep, lots of water, rest and Ascension Symptoms definitely could help. If not, maybe would be good to see a doctor for a check-up.

My body reacted like this when I was recovering from trauma. Fever or too low temperature. Clearing the body of negative emotions always has an impact on the body. I hope it will pass soon


i have read about this where people with Covid would get these fluctuations in body temperatures . They say it has something to do with autonomic dysfunction and you could try to vitamins deficiency . I would look into vitamin B1 thiamine

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Yes, exactly! That’s why I tried with The blueprint of nervous system thinking it might help. It all started about a year ago and it stopped after some months and came back now in late summer this year.
What makes me think it might be an ascension symtom is, that I feel a lot more sensitive to dense food, even vegetarian food and dense energies in general.
Before this temperature sensitivity came back I’d been on a pretty strict antiinflammatory diet for several months and during summer vacation loosened it up a bit.
None of the above reasons excludes the other. In fact they might even be interrelated as covid sequele holds many neurological symtoms. Like weird disturbancees or rewiring.

So as with everything in life…. Gives us the opportunity to grow and look at the wider perspectives.
I’m taking good quality multivitamins but I’ll keep your suggestion in mind and eat more sunflower seeds and wheat germs, haha! :slightly_smiling_face:

Try the immune system from blueprint helth too and the DM nerveous system balancing.
Maybe both the Universal and Eternal clearing fields

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Yeah, the Immune system blueprint could help. Didn’t think of that.
I have the Nervous System Balancing audio but dropped that one when I got the Nervous System Blueprint… but I´ll pick it up again to compliment the blueprint mandala.
Could be more consistent with the Eternal Clearing too.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I mean this DM for nerveous system.

Yes that’s the Nervous System Balancing field I have on audio from Patreon before there was a DM. :slight_smile:

But I think they are similar but different.
I think DM is better

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