Subliminals and Field products

One question that i do not have a clear answer on is it it dangerous to run subliminals and morphic fields. For example say I run greek god beauty at night time for 6 to 7 loops. Then early in the morning I run a subliminal product for 3 loops. Each run is 5 hours apart.

Is there any danger to this ? i bought a product from a company called sub club called emperor. Are there any users who are doing this ?

Nope, not at all.

I’m interested in your experiences with sub club, I have heard conflicting things


@doughnuts4all so you have done the same ?

There subs can be energy draining compared to fields they seem to work but for some reason overtime i get depressed, angry and tired. I then end up turning to porn.

With subliminals, yes. Not with sub club

did the sub give physiacal results

That site has some decents prods but destroyed my ears.
Be careful.

Did not see any physical changes.

mental changes

I did get some mental changes for example I was more assertive but with the lockdown in place i got depressed. With field products not experienced anything negative so far it might be the mandala which is counteracting the negative energy.

last question sorry was the sub for physical changes

I think the product had a physical change module but i personally did not experience anything.

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what sub are u talking about btw and thank u for ur response

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Ah, ultrasonic right? I hope you didn’t use earphones? Were the results better than other subliminals

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Sorry the product is emperor

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Do you stick to 1 sub per day? min 20-30 days?

I myself get tired when I mix more than a couple.

@Bender yes i only use the one sub

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Someone asked this question on subclub forum if he could use their subclubs with sapien fields. and they said no. The reason is their subliminals affect the aura of a person and cannot be used alongwith morphic fields.


So best to stick to morphic fields i guess.

Nah, I combine them both and have found it to be good. Just do it and find out how it goes.

same here. I combine them too, and it’s fine. 4-5 morphic fields + 1 or 2 subs is about what I feel the best results, but there are days that I go up to ~20 audios.